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Looking Glovely: FST Handwear Winter 2009-2010

FST Handwear Winter 2009-2010

FST Handwear Winter 2009-2010

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy! Then again, the late King of Pop made it trendy to rock one glove as the pièce de resistance of one’s outfit no matter the weather. FST handwear, hailing from Grenoble, knows how to protect you when it’s cold outside with their stylish gloves, which could be described as gorgeous patterns decorating your hands until the very tip of your fingers.

The first designed city gloves ever, FST, which stands for “For the Street”, features both men and women gloves. Their latest collection winter 2009-2010 showcases splashes of color on a black backdrop. The concept behind these gloves, made in quality French material, is strongly anchored in artistic expression, and is inspired by the sneakers and caps culture.

To check out their online stores or to find a store near you visit the FST website.

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One Response to “Looking Glovely: FST Handwear Winter 2009-2010”

  1. SB sB says:

    Ooo! I want a pair (or three)! These look perfect for winter city riding.


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