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Lily + Jae Take You On a Desert Trip!

Lily + Jae explore a dusty desert theme this spring.

Lily + Jae explore a dusty desert theme this spring.

It seems that the new trend these days in the world of fashion is the fashion film. From lower-end retailers like Target, to revered brands like Chanel, fashion companies are taking advantage of the far-reaching dissemination the internet offers and producing creative video lookbooks that imaginatively showcase their latest collections. One of my favorite examples for the upcoming Spring 2010 season is the just-released Lily + Jae lookbook. Following the models on a dusty drive into the desert, the video lookbook captures the brand’s practical, prairie-perfect looks for spring. High waisted denim skirts and brightly printed dresses both feature classic A-line cuts that, when paired with cowboy boots, remind me of a hipped-up girl on the range. Beyond the clothing, what sticks out to me about the Lily + Jae Spring video lookbooks is the behind-the-scenes focus it provides. The designers offer up a glimpse into the entire creative process that goes into a photoshoot, from storyboarding to finding the perfect location. It takes a lot of hard work to produce a final product filled with glamour and high fashion, but Lily + Jae seem to have put in the time for Spring 2010, and I’m glad because we can look forward to some beautiful designs from them this Spring!

Check out the lookbook below– are you feeling it?

lily + jae spring 10 from jude feller on Vimeo.

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