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Fashion Meets Music: Björk

Icelandic electro-pop singer, Bjork

Icelandic electro-pop singer, Bjork

Björk is the epitome of “fashion meets music.” The beauty is, Björk doesn’t try so hard to captivate her audience. She has a distinct voice that depending on the atmosphere could send chills down your neck. Luckily for the entire world, her meek demeanor is overshadowed by her expressive lyrics and appearance. Whether she’s walking a red carpet in a dazzling get up, or with her daughter, Isadora down the street, Björk has an unmistakable look.

Tribal, draped, colorful, sparkling, innovative, grotesque, the adjectives could go on and on, but with a career in music spanning three decades she is undoubtedly an icon whose artistic contributions to the industry can be credited here at M.I.S.S with a few captivating photos and videos. Björk started her music career at age eleven. Eleven. In America, that’s SIXTH GRADE. Half of you were probably coloring your hair with highlighters in sixth grade. What?

Unmistakeable style; Swan dress by Marjan Pejoski

Unmistakeable style; Swan dress by Marjan Pejoski

To her credit musically, she is best known for her six solo albums, two film soundtracks, and some acting work. Her husband, are they together or not? is Matthew Barney, an American mulitmedia artist.

Björk’s “outsider” style has struck a chord with the indie/avant garde fashion set whom regard her with much esteem.To many she has taken the form of a muse. Fashion designer extraordinaire, Alexander McQueen directed her music video for “Alarm Call,” and the two have carried on a working relationship that I only could only dream to be a fly on the wall to listen in on!

It was rumoured to be a sequel to “Bachelorette”, because of the lyrics that make a little allusion to the events occurred in past Isobel adventures (“Human Behaviour”, “Isobel” and “Bachelorette”). The video also has some signs that make people think about this fact. “Alarm Call” shows Isobel back to the nature after having disillusions in the big city, so this video is the fourth and last of Isobel’s adventures.

Icy Atmosphere

Icy Atmosphere

Adventure seems to be synonymous with Björk. Her sound, vocal delivery, and the visual imagery she provides with her music really take you to another place, which is what music, art, and fashion should always do.

This performance of “Undo” at the Royal Opera House in London is so hauntingly well done that it lingers in my mind well after the video has ended. Beautiful delivery matched with sensational instruments and background singers.

Mechanics done stunning. All the pieces fit together.

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