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Art Radar: 02.18.10



Help Thy Neighbor , view it below. I will just warn you that it is a little sad.

Above is at it again, this time the streets he was roaming were more of a delicate and sober experience. His new Haiti pieces are a reminder of the staggering statistics of the injured and fallen.


Check out Above’s website.



Giant Robot is pleased to host a rare U.S. appearance by Tosa Novmichi at GR2. Tosa is half of the legendary Japan-based Maywa Denki music and art duo that creates its own ingenious and otherworldly instruments. In addition to touring and playing sold-out rock concerts around the world with their pneumatic, electronic, automated, and conceptual music devices, they create some of the world’s most interesting and interactive toys. Following the footsteps of the popular Knockman family (centered on the eponymous, wind-up figure that knocks its own head like a drum) comes the Otamatone. The piece looks like a musical note and plays like a Theremin. Fans of electronic music, cool toys, and otaku culture from Japan will not want to miss Tosa’s personal demonstration of the toy.

Tosa Novmichi of Maywa Denki

Saturday, February 20, 2010, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.


2062 Sawtelle Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90025



Legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano will make a rare U.S. appearance with his newest exhibit, DEVA LOKA, created especially for a U.S exhibition and named for the ancient Indian land of God. As an ode to his childhood love for American comics, culture and automobiles, Amanoʼs latest breathtaking and vibrant pieces are boldly coated with auto paint and metallic glitter. Amano is widely acclaimed for his work in animation and video games. He is renowned for designing the characters for the hit video game, Final Fantasy, as well as for anime films including Vampire Hunter D, Guin Saga, Final Fantasy, and Front Mission. “Between the late 60’s and the 70’s, and during my early years in the art world, I was greatly influenced by American comic books and pop culture. I’d like to show my gratitude for the inspiration America gave me with this exhibit. With the theme of DEVA LOKA, all of my concepts and influences are able to come together, centered in one place. I hope everyone enjoys my show.”Deva Loka will be Amano’s first major exhibition in Los Angeles in nearly a decade.

February 20th – March 13th. Opening reception Saturday, February 20th from 7-10pm

LeBasse Projects

6023 W. Washington BLVD.

Culver City, CA 90232



“They only met once, but it changed their lives forever.” Michele Rosenthal’s “The Breakfast Club” art print is a tribute to one of the greatest teen movies of all time. Available as a digital print on heavy paper, 11.5″ x 7.5″, signed by the artist on the reverse, for only $10. Check out the full digital painting in higher resolution, after the jump. Head on over to TheMustStash to get yours.



J. Strickland once again proves his prowl in the skateboarding game, a accomplished cinematographer and brand creator and now photographer with his first solo photography show this saturday evening at UBIQ. His newest body of work is featured in the newest Edition of SKATEBOOK titled “The Sun Rises in the East” and includes new photography of iconic skaters KevinTaylor, Mike Maldonado, Burton Smith, Zered Bassett, Luker Lou, Daniel Kim, Charles Lamb and others. Strickland’s style and approach are best described as grimmie sharpe, very real and intense capturing the real feel of the East. We encourage you to pass this invitation along, limited edition 24″x36″ dye ink prints will be sold at this event as well as the newest Edition of SKATEBOOK which features the body of work. We will see you Saturday evening. Official After Party will be “Dre Day” presented by Jayo over at the Kyber fromm 9-2. Thats Wassup!


1509 Walnut St.




Edel Rodriguez will be showing a selection of recent paintings and drawings. Influenced by the colors and sounds of a childhood in Cuba, Rodriguez’s work is infused with narratives and myths that deal with personal history and cultural displacement.

Hailing from Havana, Cuba, he utilizes different mediums to execute a broad range of styles in his art, garnering a Silver and Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators for his editorial illustrations, which consists mainly of conceptual pieces and portraits. Rodriguez has illustrated several children’s books, and his art is featured regularly in a variety of art journals and magazines, such as American Illustration and Communication Art.



In a career spanning 27 years, RISK has impacted the evolution of graffiti as an art form in Los Angeles and worldwide. RISK gained major notoriety for his unique style and pushed the limits of graffiti further than any writer in L.A. had before: He was one of the first writers in Southern California to paint freight trains, and he pioneered writing on “heavens,” or freeway overpasses. At the peak of his career he took graffiti from the streets and into the gallery with the launch of the Third Rail series of art shows, and later parlayed the name into the first authentic line of graffiti-inspired clothing.

Before he’d ever heard of graffiti, RISK was unconsciously writing it. As a kid, he filled sketchbook after sketchbook with images, not just of people and things but of letters too. He even had spray paint in his hand before ever applying it to a wall, using it to paint BMX bikes. “Even back then I think I was addicted to spray paint,” he recalls. “I just loved painting with it.”

Visit RISK’s limited-edition print series just released at Each screen print is signed and numbered by the artist.



Now in its 6th year, this revolutionary art tour, designed to expose established and emerging artists and their work to audiences across the country,  kicked off 2010 in Los Angeles and now moves on to Austin, TX. The tour focuses on the video medium, which emerged in the 1960s and has since expanded galleries into more experimental, kinetic and interactive spaces. “Installation 6: Video” challenged 10 artists to create non-narrative video installations that will eventually transform five unique exhibitions around the country.

Dust La Rock – Occult of Personality (Clip) from Scion ART on Vimeo.

“For ‘Installation 6,’ we unveil a full exhibition of video installations that illustrate how 10 emerging artists and creative icons see the world through vivid movement and color,” says Jeri Yoshizu, Scion manager, sales promotions. “In our continued support of independent artistic expression, we are eager to introduce audiences across the country to inventive works by leading talent in art, music and design who push the boundaries of creativity with every medium they explore.”


Dust la Rock (Brooklyn, NY), Eric Nakamura (Los Angeles, CA), Saelee Oh (Los Angeles, CA), French (London, England), Josh Graham (New York, NY), Ill-Studio (Paris, France), Monihan Monihan (New York, NY), Mark Mothersbaugh (Los Angeles, CA), PMKFA (Tokyo, Japan), and Sage Vaughn (Los Angeles, CA).

Opening reception:
Sat, Feb 20th, 7pm – 10pm

Okay Mountain
1312 E Cesar Chavez St. Ste B
Austin, Texas 78702


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