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Art Radar: 02.04.09

The Poster Cause Project has released a bushelful of new Haiti Relief posters including these two by Jon Burgerman and Nathan Jurevicius. Each 6” x 11” poster is available for $15 with 100% of the sales going to Haiti relief efforts by Doctors without Borders.   Check ‘em all out – buy a piece of art and help Haiti at the same time. win-win.
This will be the final First Friday at their current location. Word is that they are moving at the end of the month. Be sure not to miss it. Sources say that this will be your only chance to see new works produced for Mike Giant’s solo show in Milan that opens February 25th. They are offering some new silk-screened editions as well. OH! And don’t forget the free beer!
February 5th
260 DivisaderoSt
San Francisco CA 94117
Alex Lacao aka LACAO TIME is having his second art show ever! After having the first show be a complete hit, I believe that the only logical thing was to….make more art. Which is exactly what he did  I’m a huge fan, one because his art is ridiculously hilarious and two it is just so-fa-king-coooooooR. Come to this.  If you don’t, you should hate yourself, JUST KIDDING.  But I also believe that the party jar will be in attendance?

Alex Lacao’s CATSPLOITATION from PHEED on Vimeo.

Video by and big ups to: Treats Club & PHEED
February 5th from 8-11pm
4542 University Way Northeast
Seattle, WA 98105
Mysterious Al has some news for us, four colourways, editions of 25 deadstock prints! Each lovingly hand-screened onto 300gsm, 100% cotton, very posh Frech Arches paper.
Better hurry because prints are limited!
MAYA HAYUK:  “Feeling Space” Brooklyn based artist Maya Hayuk is a prolific muralist, photographer, printmaker, painter, illustrator, and documentarian. Her fearless attraction to wild color, a genre-bending mix of graphic design, graffiti, illustration, and abstraction has earned her a wide international audience. Hayuk’s work overflows with a uniquely cultivated handmade aesthetic. Part punk, part psychedelic explosion, her paintings, prints and murals display unbridled enthusiasm. Her monograph “Just Good Vibes” describes the work: “multicolored diamonds morph into rainbows on public walls, day glow birds and flowers sprout extra appendages appearing both beautiful and menacing, and everything eschews logic while making perfect aesthetic sense. Hayuk’s bold images of colorful beauty are at once visceral, ethereal, humorous and political.” LOWELL DARLING: “Full Disclosure” Legendary California conceptual artist Lowell Darling’s career has spanned over thirty years and has earned him an international following. His work in the public sphere over the past three decades has included a colorful campaign to unseat California Governor Jerry Brown, Urban Acupuncture performances to relieve pressing city problems, and stitching together the San Andreas fault to contain earthquakes.
February 5th at 6pm
Gallery 16
501 Third Street @ Bryant
San Francisco, CA 94107
Amanda Lopez was born and raised in Sacramento, California under the watchful eye of her parents and paintings of La Virgen de Guadalupe. Her father lent her a camera at the age of 17, and photography soon became her savior.In anticipation of Lopez’s upcoming solo exhibition CaliLOVE at Upper Playground Sacramento, we threw a few questions to this talented photographer. Tell us a bit about yourself/background. How did you get into photography? I grew up in Sacramento, CA in a super strict Mexican Catholic household. My parents kept a close eye on my siblings and I but always encouraged us to explore our interests. Both my parents are creative and artsy in their own right so they nurtured my interest in the arts. I started out wanting to paint but quickly discovered I wasn’t very good so when I got to high school, I decided to try photography. That first class changed my life. Encouraged by my photo teacher Mr. Tafoya and armed with a camera given to me by my dad, which by the way remains in my arsenal of camera equipment, I began to explore different types of photography and quickly discovered my interest in portraiture. AR2510_13 Your work has an obvious Dios de Los Muertos look. Why this theme? The CaliLOVE show is inspired by Dia De Los Muertos and really came together in October of ‘09 when my homegirl Mayra Ramirez curated a show at 510 Studio in Oakland and asked me to be apart of it. The line up she organized was ridiculous. Mike Giant, Miguel Bounce Perez, and Angel Diaz were some of the artists showing so I knew I had to step my game up. So, I recruited my talented friends Jenni Tay to do makeup and Justin Downs to do the hair and we set out to create 3 new portraits for the show. The images were well received so when I got the confirmation that I’d be showing at Upper Playground in Sacramento, I decided to continue on with the series. Thus far, I’ve shot 11 new images for the show.
To view more photos and to learn more about the artist please visit: Juxtapoz Magazine’s interview with Amanda Lopez.
A highly-regarded explorer of visual communication, Aldous Huxley once said, “The man who comes back through the Door in the Wall will never quite be the same as the man who went out.” The same can be said about a few particular months of teenage life experienced by artist Tofer Chin, depicted, from memory, in his new body of work, showing at the Fecal Face Gallery in San Francisco.
Entitled “Alex,” Chin’s new show further represents his on-going relationship with Op-Art, as well as his perseveration on sensory perception and mind expansion, while also impressively marking his move to wholly personalize and reinvigorate the movement. Whereas previous works used unnatural color and concept to examine the spiritual and psychological impact of synthetic LSD, “Alex” strives to enhance the personal and shift to the organic by refocusing on the naturally-derived hallucinogen, mescaline. Unlike LSD, mescaline never lies. Instead, the mescaline experience includes visual enhancements of originating truths.
February 11th 6-9pm
66 Gough St.
San Francisco, CA. 94102
On February 6th at 7pm Empire State Tattoo is proud to announce that they are hosting a show, Great Expectations. That’s right, all of your favorite tattoo artists from Empire will be showing off their artistic skills! So you should come down, have some beers and check out what your tattoo artist does with what little spare time they have.
February 6th
Empire State Tattoo
222 Merrick Rd
Oceanside, NY 11572
New Moon. Inspired by the Chinese Zodiac, the New Moon group exhibit is slated to open at NYC’s Myplasticheart Gallery. A mixed media show featuring a handpicked roster of 25 artists from all over the world – including names such as Jeremiah Ketner and Camilla D’Errico – each artist chose a different zodiac animal interpreted through their own unique lens. Curated by John Wong, you can check out the full roster of artists right here. This show runs from April to May 10th.
February 5th @6pm
NYC’s MyPlasticHeart Gallery
210 Forsyth Street NYC, 10002
Opened recently at the Fowler Museum is the ‘Meet me at the Center of the Earth’ exhibition by Chicago-based artist Nick Cave PhotoTour. The presentation consists of thirty-five of his soundsuits, which are sculptures made by multi-layered mixed-media and are named for the sounds they create when worn. Influenced by African and Caribbean rituals as well as haute couture, Cave’s work explores the ideas of transformation, myth and identity. The traveling exhibition is opened now till May 30, 2010.
Nick Cave: Meet Me at the Center of the Earth
Fowler Museum, UCLA January 10 – May 30, 2010
Dead Che is the next figure in Frank Kozik’s bust series from Ultra Violence.  Here’s a look at the very detailed sculpt which will be used to create the final 16” or so vinyl bust.  Look for this to debut at SDCC.
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