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The Link List: 1.8.10


Yes yes yes. the Link List is back with 20 like crack.

♥♥ You can accuse me of playing favorites here, but even NPR recognizes you’ll hear some of the most haunting, obscure and forgotten music ever from my homeboys Chances With Wolves over on East Village Radio.

♥♥ A lot has been said so far about the music of 2009, but The Hype Machine sums it all up with three handy guides of the 50 Bests in Artists, Albums, and Tracks in 2009, as judged by what was most aggregated through the machine via music blogs. That makes it scientific.

♥♥ Crooked Ruler is basically my favorite Photochop blog to look at. My friend has been investigating and we think it comes from some wonderful Swedish fellas. It’s a Tumblr. Follow it.

♥♥ You know what I love? Food Tattoos.

♥♥ You like something? Give it the Seal Of Approval. Downloadable. Very applicable.

♥♥ So, Who is getting ready for the return of LOST? Prepare yourself, not with spoilers, or previews, but with Ack Attack‘s recaps. You will cry laughing.

♥♥ It’s in another language but it should be easy enough to follow the DIY for this Burberry 2010 inspired draped skirt on Anywho.

♥♥ If you haven’t seen the Moseley Tribes X Hellz Bellz lookbook yet, peep it on Highsnobiety.

♥♥ Or the new Fafi X Adidas collection over on Juicy.Mashkulture.

♥♥ Mike Giant did a fresh Ad for Bebe featuring a model adorned with his iconic style via Joshy D’s Juxtapoz Blog.

♥♥ We’re Loving this M·A·C Give Me Liberty Blue shade in the adorned bottle spied on All Lacquered Up.

♥♥ If H&M cleans up their disgusting habits of destroying and discarding perfectly good clothing, consider their Spring Garden Collection. It’s pretty cute.

♥♥ Lovely lingerie collection from Carine Gilson on Highsnobette.

♥♥ Meet Mr. Gaga, Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga’s stylist on T Magazine.

♥♥ Finally, someone invented an umbrella that doesn’t blind and impale others! via Designboom.

♥♥ Also via Designboom, there’s a new iPhone app that allows you to lego out a photo, like it’s been pixelated.

♥♥ The Cut poses the question Does a Naked, Unretouched Supermodel Promote Positive Body Image?

♥♥ Check out the South Rakkas Crew Stimulus Mixtape that just dropped on Mad Decent.

♥♥ Plus Mishka NYC dropped their latest Keep Watch Mix, from Crookers. Download that!

♥♥ Apartment Therapy suggests 5 Home design ideas to pilfer from the January Anthropologie Catalog.

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