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The Link List: 1.22.10


♥♥ Gotta love the balls on this woman YaVaughnie for spending $250,000 to put her 8 year affair with a married man out there on a billboard and website to embarass him.  Ouch! Via NY Mag.

♥♥ Some Amber Rose rediculum has me going Gaga thanks to Michael K at D Listed.

♥♥ Kelis tries, and continually fails.

♥♥ Telephoned is Maggie Horn and Sammy Bananas. They make reimagined “covers” of tunes you’ve certainly heard on the radio. They put out a mixtape called “Off The Hook” via Rcrdlbl. Get that.

♥♥ The Urban Outfitters Blog drops a zipped up nugget of music every monday. Get on that, and you might find your new favorite band that everybody except the people that read the Urban Outfitters Blog don’t know about.

♥♥ Ninjasonik delivers their music by big black USB dildo. Somebody not gon get pregnant?

♥♥ If you’re a MOB fan I hope you caught the video interview on Hypebeast.

♥♥ And did you see that Hellz has a new Men’s Line GPPR?!

♥♥ Kelly Cutrone is awesome because she’s successful, but also because she says things like “The Bravo shot of me on the couch? It looks like I had sex with Heather Locklear and five margaritas.” Read more at The Awl.

♥♥ This Balmain Zipper Jacket on OustaPop is pretty much the business.

♥♥ And we’re feeling these Nogoy couture belts on Coutoure Snob. If only we could afford….

♥♥ Check out the vintage fragrance ads from the 20’s and 30’s over on Blogue.

♥♥ Check out Refinery 29‘s round up on a floral shoe trend.

♥♥ This color picker pen by Jinsu Park on Designboom is like a real life eyedropper tool on photoshop. Pretty incredible.

♥♥ Animal NY reports that Banksy’s art that has been popping up in Park City Utah for the Sundance Film Festival has been getting buffed.

♥♥ Jezebel’s Mixed Bag of 10 things you may have missed on TV this week, is usually pretty awesome.

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