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The Goods!: Vintage Shopping Guide Tells You Where To Go.

The Goods!: Vintage Shopping Guide Tells You Where To Go.

The Goods!: Vintage Shopping Guide Tells You Where To Go.

I get a lot of questions in my line of work. The most asked? Where to go vintage shopping! I constantly have people asking where my favorite spots are in New York, San Francisco, Portland, L.A. and The Bay. And while I will let you in on some of my favorite spots across the country, can guide you across the US of A to many a vintage hot spot. VSG is run by the lovely, Malie Bingham, and as the sites name states she offers a guide to vintage shopping locations and websites, events, sales and interviews on vintage industry folks…something I had the pleasure of being apart of! You can view an interview with a treasure hunter on VSG. Ok, totally side tracked, sorry!

Back to the business! Where to get the goods? Well VSG can help and on-the-go too, as they recently launched the mobile site for “web enabled smart phones”. The mobile site is search enabled by city or state and “provides directions using mapping technology to more than 500 vintage stores across the country.” Genius! no more google searches for “vintage shops” when you’re in a rush! I would also suggest grabbing the VSG Walking Tour Map of NYC if you don’t have a “web enabled smart phone” or as a gift for the vintage shopping lover in your life.  And if you’re on the other side of the spectrum and shopping is not really the path you should be taking and selling/downsizing the wardrobe is the road best traveled then grab VSG’s “How to Make Money Cleaning Out Your Closet” book…follow the steps, make some room, make some money then start the process all over again! Really, who are we kidding, right?

Ok, the part we’ve all been waiting for…some of my favorite vintage spots across the country. For thrift stores I love Savers/Value Village (the name changes depending on which coast/state you’re in or if your hunting in Canada). They are the “Thrift Department Store” and have treated my kind over the years. For vintage shops…When I’m in L.A. I always go to Squaresville.  They have an amazing selection, totally reasonable prices and the best, most accommodating, nicest staff I’ve ever encountered. They are also a buy/sell/trade, so you can unload and reload at the same time, WIN WIN! In San Francisco The Painted Bird is a fav, a tiny shop, but full of current vintage trend gems and also a buy/sell/trade. Heading over the bridge to The East Bay, do yourself a favor and stop in The Pretty Penny, another buy/sell/trade with great prices and a really friendly staff. You might find a genuine Chanel purse but you’re surely guaranteed to score the perfect flannel or cute pair of booties. Heading up North to Portland, Xtabay Vintage is another must stop when I’m in town. Beautiful vintage frocks mixed with designer selections. And in Money Making Manhattan pop in the No Relation Vintage and Village Style…be prepared to dig but you will be rewarded. Ok, there you have it, a few of my fav’s. Don’t say I never did nothing nice for ya :)

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