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The Glamorous Life: Lady Gaga for Polaroid


Lady Gaga Creative Director at Polaroid

Lady Gaga Creative Director at Polaroid

Apparently, in addition to being the second coming of Madonna, Lady Gaga also has the Midas touch. Why else would Polaroid make her creative director, if she couldn’t turn their profits into pure gold? The iconic company, which recently filed Chapter 11 , turned to Gaga, herself a Polaroid fan, to hopefully resurrect them to their former greatness. Gaga and her Haus will be designing a new cameras and gadgets for the company with an expectation to unveil the first deliveries in time for Christmas.

Let’s not forget this isn’t Gagaloo’s first foray into the world of technology. Last October we saw the launch of her Heartbeats headphones which were part of a collaboration between her and Beats by Dre. After her cameras drop at the end of this year, fans will be able to listen to her on her headphones and take pictures of her with her cameras. No word yet on whether or not she plans on lending her name and style to a line of clothes, but I’m won’t be long before everyone is lining up to grab a Gaga leotard or mask.

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  1. Joseph Fountain says:

    I want a job working for Lady Gaga!


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