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The Glamorous Life: Lady Gaga Cover 944


The Glamorous Life: Lady Gaga Cover 944

The Glamorous Life: Lady Gaga Cover 944

Lady Gaga is in the news again, this time for killing it on the cover 944 Magazine.

The 23 year-old, who is seemingly everywhere all the time these days, struck a fierce pose for this month’s Vangaurd Issue. She brings back her pink mane while sporting a lace outfit and headdress. What else do you expect from a burgeoning fashion icon that has drawn comparisons to Madonna and got her name from a Freddie Mercury song?

Editor-in-chief Martine Bury was extremely impressed with the Lady and the fresh energy she has injected into both the fashion and music industries, which is exactly why she was chosen as the magazine’s cover girl.

“Lady Gaga has liberated music and fashion the way David Bowie and other Brit Glam rockers did in the seventies–using costume, artifice and drama while bending gender norms and conventions. But she also one ups everyone with her phenomenal vocal talent and truly unique aesthetic.  Her music choices are far from predictable– they’re a mash up of futuristic pop styles. What a breath of fresh air! For our Vanguard issue she was the only choice for the cover–the most fitting artist of our time. She’s way ahead of her time and the only universal artist to truly break ground and provoke thought since Madonna.”

With 2009 being the unofficial year of  Tha Gaga, it seems as though she is poised to do the same in 2010.

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4 Responses to “The Glamorous Life: Lady Gaga Cover 944”

  1. Maggie says:

    It gets me excited about music again! Too bad there are still some people out there who are not used to this sort of stuff and down her for it, but there are always people who don’t appreciate good art.

  2. Jenessa Jenessa says:

    Silver nails, pink makeup, the neutralized lip, lashes on top and bottom! Stunning. She looks fragile here and the pink is youthful. Well executed cover shoot.

  3. Point Break NYC says:

    “Point Break” is the “Official Headquarters of the Lady GaGa concert appearances in New York City.” “Point Break” will be having promos, giveaways, drink specials, free merchandise and all the Lady Gaga you can handle. And also register for New York’s first and only Lady GaGa lookalike contest on Feb 5th. Go to Point Break NYC website or Facebook page for details.

  4. Devin Weiss says:

    I see rumors everywhere, that almost nothing in Drag queen Gaga is unique and that she is really a copycat :-( I nonetheless adore Lady Gaga coZ she is awesome!


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