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The Glamorous Life: Kelly Cutrone Publicist/Reality Star/Author?


Kelly Cutrone - Kell on Earth Previews

Kelly Cutrone - Kell on Earth Previews

Long before she made a cameo on The Hills or was fired by Yigal Azrouël for seating hooker with a heart of gold Ashley Dupré front row at his show during fashion week, I was borderline obsessed with Kelly Cutrone. Her no-nonsense attitude,  impressive list of clients and the fact that People’s Revolution holds a record for most fashion shows produced on September 11, 2002 is one of the main reasons I began dabbling in PR in the first place.  So  it comes as no surprise that I was a bit excited when I heard that she was finally getting her own reality show and dropping her first book all in one month.

This single mother turned authoress, didn’t miss a beat while filming two reality shows, prepping for fashion week, and writing her self help book, “If You Have to Cry Go Outside and Other Things Your Mother Never Told You”, this past summer.  According to Cutrone the book deals with what it means to be feminine and reaches out to young women giving them advice served up in her usual shoot from the hip tone.  With chapters like “A Bitch is Not a Bad Word” and “It’s not a Break Down, It’s a Breakthrough”, the book could either be fun and filled with witty advice or overly cliché but a best seller because its author happens to be a brilliant publicist. While I may be on the fence about her ability to translate her pearls of wisdom into an awesome tome, I am more than confident her reality show will be one to watch.

After being fed bits of Cutrone’s straight talk and love of the color black via cameos on MTV’s The Hills and The City, the channel responsible for bringing Rachel Zoe and Brad to the masses, is now bringing People’s Rev and fashion PR to the forefront. On the plus side I know Kelly and her staff are way cooler than Taylor and Brad which will make for beyond interesting TV.  In addition, 70 percent of her clients have agreed to appear on the show, meaning we actually get to see Jeremy Scott come in the office instead of listening to one side of a conversation with him. The down side is, the promotion of fashion public relations will make it twice as hard for me to find a j-o-b, but I digress.

When asked by WWD if she was planning on moving away from the PR biz to focus on her own personal brand Cutron had this to say…

“P.r. is what I know how to do to make money and it’s what I’m really good at, I think it’s a natural thing to say, ‘Oh, OK. Well, now Kelly Cutrone has to leave p.r., but that would be an old model and I’m not really interested in old models….Do I want to stick around when I’m making a fortune writing books and producing television, taking s–t from a designer who pays $6,000 a month who doesn’t want to pay their bills for three months? No. Does being on TV and writing books give me the freedom to kick their asses out of my office before they f–k me over? Yeah. That’s the reality”

Well said.

Kell On Earth premiers on Bravo on Feb 1 and “If You Have to Cry Go Outside and Other Things Your Mother Never Told You” hits your local bookstores on Feb 2.

For more on what’s to come heck out these videos…

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  1. I know what I’m reading for the month of February!

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    Well done and thanks, XK

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