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She’s Crafty: Safety Pin Epaulets & Lapel Pin

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I thought these up one night recently when I was trying to fall asleep. It tends to be the time that my brain stirs up all the side dishes and turns it into a meal. I’d been thinking about a way to spice up one of my blazers, and also that safety pins are looking to become the next big trend following zippers. How could I use the two in a way I haven’t seen before? Make epaulets out of safety pins! Then I got to thinking, what if they just look weird? How can I make them more epaulicious without going overboard? Fringe! And this is what I got.

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 Blazer – vintage or new, however you do
  • 75 – 100 2″ safety pins
  • About half a yard of fringe (I used 3″ fringe)
  • Some Fabric Glue or invisible tape
  • Scissors
Supplies - Vintage Blazer, 2" Safety Pins, 1 Yard Of Fringe

Supplies - Vintage Blazer, 2" Safety Pins, 1 Yard Of Fringe

So I started with my blazer and supplies

Insert Pins Paralell To Each Other Along The Shoulder

Insert Pins Parallel To Each Other Along The Shoulder

I began inserting my safety pins parallel to each other along the shoulder of my blazer, with the opening facing the back of the blazer, and making sure to space them as evenly as possible. I quickly began to see that the back end of the safety pin is narrower than the front because of the clasp, so they should not be inserted too close to each other.

DIY Safety Pin Epaulets

Prickly Shoulder - Pins From End To End

Leave your pins open so you may attach the fringe.

Attach The Fringe To The Pins

Attach The Fringe To The Pins

Line the fringe up to the pins, and attach by piercing. Once it is attached, you can cut the end of the fringe, and apply a drop or two of fabric glue to stop it from fraying. Then start closing all of the pins.

Repeat, and Finito!

Repeat, and Finito!

Once all of your pins are closed, repeat the process on the other shoulder of your blazer. Once that’s done, you’re done!

Sassy Shoulders, What Do You Think?

Sassy Shoulders, What Do You Think?

One could conceivably do fringe in the front and the back of the shoulders, but I like the element of surprise, and just wanted some sass in the back. Buuuut……

Use Extra Fringe to Create A Lapel Pin!

Use Extra Fringe to Create A Lapel Pin!

Since I had some extra fringe, I wove an extra large pin through top of the strip of fringe, and created a lapel pin, so I had party in the front, and in the back!

What do you think? Like? Dislike? Have any other ideas to add?

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6 Responses to “She’s Crafty: Safety Pin Epaulets & Lapel Pin”

  1. michelle says:

    i love she’s crafty post! i think i want to try this!

  2. BLB BLB says:

    Job well done lady!!! So Haute 😉

  3. Gabriella GDK says:

    Damn, she’s crafty!

  4. theshowpony says:

    gold star and top of the class for you, young lady! love, love, love. move over sequin shoulders, safety pins and fringing are right behind you…

  5. Gee Gee says:

    so gangster!

  6. I absolutely adore the use of safety pins in fashion. These epaulets are amazing – I may try this DIY on a cropped blazer that has been lurking in my closet for far too long!! :)


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