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Reading Is Sexy: I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks

I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks

I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks

I love books. It doesn’t matter what kind, but if the topic is something I adore equally, like fashion, then that combination can’t be beat. Most of the fashion books that I have are on a particular designer (namely Chanel – I’ve got a nice little collection growing) or on particular time periods. I rarely gravitate to the “how to” books because since I’m in the industry, I feel like I may not need that sort of help. When I received I Love Your Style, How to Define & Refine Your Personal Style, by Amanda Brooks, from Harper Collins, I was a bit weary. After reading it, I feel refreshed and excited.

I’m six months pregnant so I’m not dressing up the way I used to. My body is changing everyday and I find myself looking at clothes differently – in a longing, I wish I could still wear that sort of way. I was a streetwear kid for some time – I couldn’t escape it – I had my own women’s line! My uniform would consist of tees, jeans and kicks. Before the pregnancy I started going more preppy and trying to dress a bit more “my age.” Now, I’ve started looking at my pregnancy as a metamorphosis. I’m in the cocoon stage right now, and after the baby arrives and the pounds go, I’ll be ready to re-define my new style. Reading I Love Your Style is making that all possible.

Amanda Brooks is no stranger to fashion – she’s worked with the likes of famed fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier, was the creative director of Hogan, muse and creative director to the designers of Tuleh and is currently a fashion writer and consultant. If her name sounds familiar, it’s probably read her name on the pages of Vogue.

In I Love Your Style, Brooks breaks down different types of looks and explains why they are enduring and what key pieces make up that look. She breaks up styles into 2 groups “definable” (classic, bohemian and minimal) and “indefinable” (high fashion, street, eclectic). She tops it all off with tips on how to shop – from vintage shops to designer boutiques, from cheap & chic trendy pieces to basics.

After reading I Love Your Style, I feel invigorated and excited about the prospect of getting a new wardrobe – a benefit I’m rewarding myself with for sacrificing my waist line for the family. I don’t think my main style will change – I know what I like and that hasn’t changed. But by having a guide and a more clinical way of looking at things, I feel better prepared to embark on this exciting endeavor. Not your typical “how to” book, I consider Brooks’ I Love Your Style an essential manual for all fashion lovers – from novices to mavens. You can purchase I Love Your Style on

*M.I.S.S. received a promo copy of I Love Your Style to review from the publisher.

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3 Responses to “Reading Is Sexy: I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks”

  1. jada says:

    LOVE this book! a must have for anyone building their Fashion book collection!!!

  2. JanaNye says:

    I feel like I’ll fall into the undefinable category. Thanks for posting this…I’m going to get the book.

  3. Gina Magini says:

    I agree. What is better than a combination of two things you love?


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