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Photo of the Week: Untitled by the Rehes Creative

PHOTO OF THE WEEK........ Untitled by the rehes creative

PHOTO OF THE WEEK........ Untitled by the rehes creative

Where did you take the photo?

My live/work studio in San Francisco.

What were you thinking before you took the photo?

Damn, she’s hot. And South Asian (yee!).

What were you thinking after you took the photo?

Not too much besides, yee! We took SO many.

Whats interesting to you about the photo?

The framing where her top arm reaches the top corner of the frame, how the shadow on camera left darkens her face and creates this intense drama in the photo, how her eyes are closed and it just pronounces the rapture. But was it rapture? It was really her eyes falling shut in between poses (i think). Hence, my love for the moments when the subject isn’t thinking about the image. Moments between moments are the best :)

What camera did you use?

Trusty old Nikon d300.

Website, blogs, etc.?

The image is from a photo shoot i did for the Nic*fish Women’s Wear look book. Nicole of Nic*fish makes incredibly dope convertible jumpsuits and some other awesome piece as well. Check her at This was my first ever studio fashion shoot. I just wrapped my second studio fashion shoot tonight with my brand new studio equipment. Much excitement! I love my core team – Christine my assistant and Lauren my stylist <3. Justina Downs killed it her on hair – she has been and will be a repeat addition to the team. These days, just really building on my work in the studio – particularly in fashion. ‘Tis quite fun :)

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