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Photo Of The Week: Ode To Norma Jean by Sahara Marina Borja

Ode To Norma Jean by Sahara Marina Borja

Ode To Norma Jean by Sahara Marina Borja

Where did you take the photo?

I took the photo in the back of my Mother’s house in charming Modesto, Califas!  I hadn’t been home in about a year and a half, and was snapping like I had never seen the place.

What were you thinking before you took the photo?

Moments before the photo I thought about the Marilyn Monroe photo by Philippe Halsman.  Philippe is standing above her aiming downwards, it’s indoors, and although she’s ‘lifting’ she’s still made-up, etc., holding these little dumbells (slash maybe they were 10 pounders!? WORK!).  How come I did not realize that sooner I have no idea.

What were you thinking after you took the photo?

After the photo I was thinking about how beautiful my Mother is, and how even though I was a repugnant young thing, rejecting her home-grown veggies and resisting invites to go swimming or walking or biking and taking a general interest in ones’ well-being, I ended up just like her.  And I’m grateful for the life example she has upheld and lead.  I was also all concerned with angles and light and framing and ‘mood’ and ‘composure’ and that just means I’m looking at too many blogs and too many shows and comparing before I even shoot, as opposed to going with the gut…which is of the UTMOST importance, no?

What’s interesting to you about the photo?

I guess this week’s photo pick is highly personal in that for me the photo is full of the psychology between my mother and I.  I have always seen her as a beautiful woman and I think the photos I have of her show that, but I know that they also strive to be honest, i.e., I‘m not interested in concealing her age via make-up or lighting or post-production.  To me these are still beautiful, but I know she has, and will continue to shy away from the photos I take and like-we have very different taste-as well as the camera in years to come.  Every time we go to the supermarket together, some employee will still ask us if we’re sisters.  I do not ever want the day to arrive when we are not asked that.

What camera did you use?

My girl’s Mamiya 645 – rugged!

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