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M.I.S.S. x Stussy: Featherette Giveaway!

M.I.S.S. x Stussy: Featherette Giveaway!

M.I.S.S. x Stussy: Featherette Giveaway!

We’re feeling really generous at M.I.S.S and we’ve teamed up with Stussy to give the ladies pieces from the Featherette collection. Stussy is offering these Featherette pieces: Dress (size S); shoulder bag, scarf, beaded earrings and beaded bracelet. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment letting us know why you should win and what you would pair these pieces with. All comments need to be left by next Monday, January 25th at Midnight EST.

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15 Responses to “M.I.S.S. x Stussy: Featherette Giveaway!”

  1. Vanity Mann says:

    I feel that i should win because i have very unique taste in clothing, and that i wear outfits that pop and draw attention to the pieces that i wear. Also if i were to win i could post pictures on my blog to inspire my followers to go and buy the outfit.I would pair the dress with red floral laced leggings and black boots, and a cardigan and belt the dress to add shape. The scarf i would pair with a half cut white halter, some torn shorts,with black lace stockings and red Dr. Martens. Hope i have the answer your looking for i love your clothing.

  2. I would love it if I won these pieces. Not that I should win these pieces based on my ethnicity…but I’m just saying…a lot of my personal style and artistic influence comes from Native American culture (I am Native American). Chickasaw and Choctaw. I am love with feathers, shades of reds, blues, and black. I am also in love with clothing that represents the things I love. Anything I wear, I hope inspires someone in some way. I am also a street dancer, popper to be exact and am doing a theater show at the moment here in Scandinavia”. So far in Denmark, I’ve seen some wild new styles of clothing and I would wear the dress with some great stockings I just bought from here that are white with skeleton bones sketched very lightly here and there on them (sounds weird I know but trust me they are wonderful!), plus with some black leather funky sneaks I just found the other day. I would wear the scarf and jewelry along with a funky outfit for my next performance which is a black motorcycle jacket (you can see me wearing it on the main page of my website,, baggy grey jeans with a black studded belt, and another pair of fresh sneaks I just found here. Also, I would like to add something really personal to this post…and I’m not saying this because I’m in dying need of clothes or think that I should be the absolute one to win this set over anyone else…but as an artist, I really feel this outfit speaks to me, and upon my return to the states I’ll be visiting my tribe’s home area in Durant Oklahoma for the first time ever, in order to find out more about my cultural roots…AND…I will be re-uniting with my mom whom I haven’t seen in over 8 years. This is where/when I would wear this dress and earings, if I won them. I think it would be absolutely perfect for the occasion. Well, sorry I wrote a novel. Would love love love these pieces if I won them…good luck to everyone. <3

  3. i think i should win this outfit because i am a college student attending Cal State Fullerton and with budget cuts tuition is getting more and more expensive so to buy new clothes, well it doesnt happen very often. if i won this outfit i would wear the dress with some open toe booties and a sequence headband and let my natural curls let loose. the scarf, i would wear with a vintage t-shirt because i love thrift stores. and the earrings and bracelet with a plain tshirt, jeans and my red vans moccasins or red toms shoes…thank you very much =]

  4. i think you should pick me for these giveaways becuase these key pieces ACTUALLY SPOKE TO ME through my computer screen! crazy i know, but each piece told me specifically what they’d love to be matched with. For instance the two jewlery pieces wish to stay together while completing an outfit of cute raggedy well worn denim dukes and a white quarter sleeve sweater with a purple space invader on the front for a chilled out feel, the dress wants layered tights of some cheepy black ones with runs going up and down and then some bright red ones underneath the black for a double effect and to balance out the ritzy feel of the sequins, the scarf begs to peek out from a blue button up denim jacket with the sleeves rolled, and lastly the sequined purse, quite shy despite its shine, asked to spruce up a modest little white romper complemented by layers of red and teal thin seed beaded necklaces…. so thats all they asked my to voice for them and told me if i did as they said that i may have a chance of winning them for my keeping

  5. April Sayavong says:

    I believe that I deserve to win because I have a very outstanding and out of the ordinary style that these pieces deserve. I love to express my personality and style through my clothes. First impressions do count in our everyday world. I can visualize the purse along and the dress on with some bright silver pieces. Such as some regular big silver hoops, a few chunky cuffs and bangles on either wrist, a thick belt at the waist line to add some appeal to the curves, along with a pair of studded black pumps finish it off. I can imagine the scarf with a colored or screen tee, some chunky wrist pieces, a greyish blue destroyed denim jean, a pair of popping red pumps, along with a pair of Versaci shades. For the beaded earrings and bracelet, I would like for those to go along with a strapless white flowy sundress under a grey or brown cardigan or vest. To shade my eyes a pair of dark aviators, and to my feet some brown sandal like flip flops or a pair or simple red flats. Overall I know I have what it takes to flaunt these pieces, and make them pop! Thank you so much for taking consideration into reading my entry. I hope I am the one to be chosen! Much love!

  6. I feel like I should win this contest because I absolutely love all these pieces. I feel that my style is a lot similar ro all the items and I would definitely rock all of them. I already have a few clothing items from Stussy and I love the quality and style of each piece I own. The dress is so adorable and since I already have a Stussy dress I know the dress since it is small will fit perfectly! And the purse.. pretty much need it in my life. I really like the scarf and the patterns. I have a big obsession over scarfs and I would love to add that scarf to my collection. Another reason why I want/need to win this contest is because I really love the stussy earrings and bracelet. The beading and the colors are so adorable and I could really see myself wearing them. So please pick me because I promise you I’d wear all these items and they were all totally meant for me!

  7. Melonie says:

    Well I wouldn’t say I NEED to win or I DESERVE to win but it would be a stunning treat. And as an aspiring graphic designer, it wouldn’t hurt to look absolutely amazing and show off my unique style at meetings with potential clients! The dress would look fabulous paired with white denim skinny jeans and strappy flat red sandals. The scarf? Put it with a pair of light-wash denim overalls or overall-shorts and an off-the-shoulder white tee underneath so that it can speak for itself. The earrings are my favorite pieces of the set, though, and I think a simple white shirtdress would be the best compliment to these babies.

  8. Cheryl W says:

    I need to win this ensemble because I am a leader in fashion amongst my peers. I work with young female adults and they love my fashion sense so I love to share my passion for fashion with them. I would pair this with a knee high red plush boot. I would wear my hair in a side swept loose pony with a red feather clip in my hair.

  9. moni says:


  10. I don’t know that I deserve to win any more than any other girl out there. But I’d like to win because my closet is in transition. I’m in that odd place where I’m trying to add a little va-va-voom, grown-up chic to my collection of sneakers, tees and jeans. I’ve been donating gear from my younger days and making room for my yet to be created new look.

    I’d like to pair the scarf with a simple tunic and leggings. The earrings and bracelet would pair nicely with my favorite tank top and high waist paper bag skirt. The purse? I can’t guarantee I wouldn’t wear it weekly to add some personality to jeans and a t-shirt. I’d have to try it on, but I’m thinking I would rock the dress, as is, with a pair of patent leather pumps.

  11. Kirsten says:

    The main reason why this Stussy collection caught my eye was because of homage it made. I don’t think most people paid attention as to where Stussy got their inspiration from. I’m a big fan of Native American culture. The aesthetics of Native American culture and art are natural yet beautiful and timeless. It is natural because of the materials they use – from animal leather and feathers, to glass beads and clay. It is beautiful and timeless because of the handcrafted quality. The Native American culture is hands down one of my favorite movements of all art historic time. I’m glad that Stussy finally set out to create a collection dedicated to this particular group of people/time. They don’t get enough credit. I can even go far to say that when anybody wears anything inspired by the Native Americans, you present the forefathers of our country and true warriors of a different time. If I had a choice to pair up any of these accessories with anything in my wardrobe, I would make sure that the Stussy pieces stood out. The most crucial thing to match these up with would definitely be moccasins and Tigerlily braids. These would be all I need to wear because of my firm belief to preserve the Native American way of going back to the natural world and taking advantage of the things around you. At the very same time, Stussy hits it on target by adding a modern twist which makes the collection lively and fun.

  12. danielle says:

    This particular contest has caught my eye because a. the selection for winning is extremely fly but b. stussy is an interesting name around my neighborhood in Vancouver. There is a Stussy store in my neighborhood of Gastown that was built upon local industry and sustainability. The layout and design of the store are incredible, filled with the rich color tones that are found in the natural wood spectrum. This store set out with a mandate, pre-construction, to rely on local resources and found its building materials all within BC. Now, this province is rich with resources for fashion, food, culture, and construction but they are rarely used together, especially through-out the entire process of construction and devleopment. So besides being a fashion-technology writer in Vancouver, I am also a supporter of anyone that supports sustainable and local business development, including Stussy.

    ps. I have a stellar pair of maroon faded jeans that I would wear with the Stussy tunic dress, mixed with 5 inch suede stiletto boots and one of my homemade scarves- i think i would be set for the evening.


  13. Heather Sebastian says:

    My closet needs some sprucing up, and these lovelies would be perfect for that!
    I would pair them with my dark jeans, navy blazer, and platform sandals!

  14. C-Rocka says:

    I feel kind of selfish saying why I should win but here I go. As an artist you live on little income and that income basically pays your bills, unless you are a superstarr! Winning something like this would be truly amazing and wonderful because it would be something brand NEW in my closet (not that I don’t mind second hand things just sayin’) and it would be blogged about because it is an amazing gift (giving Stussy & M.I.S.S. a little more pub in the Twin Cities).

    The items would be rocked with various items. A few ways to rawk the package; the dress could easily be worn with some smokin’ hot leggings—red, blue, black, lace etc. with stilettos, slouch boots or booties. The scarf would work as a head wrap, waist tie or just worn around the neck with a white tee with a custom print to balance the pattern and colors…there are so many possibilities for this giveaway.

    Good Luck Everyone!

  15. Jessica says:

    First off, I’d like to thank Gabriella and the M.I.S.S. crew for giving us the oppurtunity to win such great prizes. Anyway, on with the answers..

    I think every girl who has entered this giveaway deserves this because they actually took the time to give their input but I know only one person can receive the gifts. I believe that I should win because I am a broke college student. I cannot afford clothing at this time so I must work with what I already have. In life, nothing’s really free because someone has to pay for it in the first place, but I believe that the best things in life are free. And this contest is one of those great things in life that are free.

    For these pieces, I would pair them with solid/plain tops and bottoms because just themselves already leave a bold statement with the colors and patterns chosen. I wouldn’t mix patterns. And that way, the pieces stand out more.

    Thanks again for this lovely giveaway, M.I.S.S crew! <33333



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