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M.I.S.S. TV: Jadeismusic

jadeismusicA while back, we featured indie artist with a voice of pure honey, Jade, as one of our We Got the Beat’s, and the response we got (including this wise comment from our own contributor Dee: “girl crush!”) was positive enough to reach out to the singer and find out what she was up to these days.

Turns out a couple of months can change a lot, and in this case it was for the better! Jade is now known as Jade<3/Jadeismusic, and has been teaming up with the likes of Melo-X and Fonda of Team Facelift fame on a remix edition of her EP It’s My Heart, Cookie. The singer has also been working on a series of webisodes chronicling her creative process, and just shot a trailer for the IMHC Remixes EP. Keeping busy, to say the least, right?

As busy as Jade<3 is, when we requested an interview and intimate performance from her (and crossed our fingers and hoped our hardest that she’d say yes!), the singer graciously agreed and worked to schedule some time in for us. On the day of the shoot she was running late, she arrived at our location– the NYC fan favorite hotspot Ella Lounge–a bit late, and apologized profusely, insisting “I never do this!” There was just something about her quiet charm that made us believe her. And when she set up and began singing, we were entirely won over! The singer performed acoustic versions of her single “Drown Me Out”, as well as a yet-unreleased track “Girl” with a clear, strong and haunting voice. When we talked to her more in depth about what she was inspired by and what her EP was, we were blown away by Jade<3’s intelligent creativity. This girl is definitely someone to watch out for!

Check out our interview and EXCLUSIVE live acoustic set with Jade<3 below! To find out more, visit Jade<3’s website, and follow her on Twitter. AND click to download two really dope cuts off her remix IMHC EP on RCRD LBL.

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