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M.I.S.S. Muses: Grati-text

Grati-text to happiness, then inspiration

Grati-text to happiness, then inspiration

Today I was frustrated with the ongoing situation known as officially getting internet installed in my apartment.  The 4th technician I’ve had here this week called at 8:20 am to say he couldn’t find parking. After suggesting streets and listening to him school me on the local parking signs, I asked what I could do for him. “Well, if I can’t find parking, you’re going to have to reschedule the appointment.” “No, this is the 3rd reschedule!” He said he would do what he could and call me back.

A few minutes later the technician was at my door after double-parking a block away. I gave him the lay of the cable land, its roots in a hole to the basement, and the mysterious locked door the cable disappears behind. Luck was with me as my superintendent answered his phone (he ignored my calls earlier in this situation) and sent someone to meet the technician in the basement. After a lot of blah blah blah, the technician returned to my apartment with, “I have some good news, and bad news.” Bad news: after unlocking the mysterious door, he couldn’t find my cable. Good news: he would string another cable. More bad news: this is going to take a while and he doesn’t have all the proper equipment. But he’d try.

“This must be very frustrating for you,” the internet technician mentioned. “Yeah.” I didn’t vent to him, but after scheduling and rescheduling, not having cooperation from my super, and no results from the previous 3 technicians, yes, it’s been a real pain in my rear.

The internet technician left to do what he can and I sat down to write my “grati-text” for the day. What’s that? From Aimee Raupp’s book Chill Out & Get Healthy, it is:

GRATI-TEXT. Find a friend to do “gratitude” work with. Each morning e-mail or text each other with one thing in your life you are grateful for.

The book expands on the idea in the context of creating happiness and managing stress (I highly recommend the book, by the way). Now my long time bff  and I e-mail each other 1 thing each day, or sometimes a list of things, we are grateful for. As you can imagine, it reminds us to count our blessings. Grati-texting forces me to stop and focus on at least one thing I am thankful for, even if it feels all else is stacked against me.

Read more on "grati-text" in Chill Out & Get Healthy

Read more on "grati-text" in Chill Out & Get Healthy

While typing, “I am grateful for,” my mind jumped to my lovely internet situation. I thought of writing something snippy (I am grateful for my internet technician’s nervous laughter at everything), but instead paused to think more. This technician, as annoying as he may be, was trying to help me out. He double-parked, made trips to the basement, to the van, back again, in 20 degree weather, and was never rude to or frustrated with me. Sure, he didn’t bring all of his equipment, but his assurance was he would “somehow work it out.” As I worded that in my grati-text, suddenly inspiration came. That’s when I sat down to write this.

The internet technician just came back and we’re waiting to test the signal. He reports, “It wasn’t rocket science, just took some time.” Come what may, doing my grati-text opened up inspiration, cleared out some frustration, and allowed me to be nicer to this technician. Even if this internet debacle continues, hey, at least I got this article out of it.

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2 Responses to “M.I.S.S. Muses: Grati-text”

  1. Katie says:

    Yay for helpful technicians!! As the forementioned 2nd half of the grati-texting, I have to wholly recommend this project to everyone. Not only is it great to hear from my friend every morning (that alone is a great way to start the day!), but I’m grateful for taking the time to recognize the good things in life and being able to share.

  2. Meow. says:

    Yes, yes, yeeessssss!
    My besties and I send grati-texts to each other every morning, even on the weekends, and it has truly shifted my attitude and outlook on life!



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