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M.I.S.S. Muses: Count Your Muses


Beyond the 9 Greek goddesses known as the Muses, the word “muse” can mean:

Muse n. the spirit that is thought to inspire a poet or other artist; source of genius or inspiration

as well as

muse vi. to think deeply and a length; meditate
vt. to think or say meditatively
n. a musing; deep meditation

The intention of this column is and has been to share what inspires me for your consideration in your life. True to the definitions of the word, I focus on sources of inspiration so you can meditate on it.

This week, I again noticed how there are plenty of things around to inspire me. They can be conventional, purposeful, odd, unexpected, or anything else. Part of why I like to write on the topic is that there are limitless possibilities and finishing my entry for each week causes me to stop and single out a muse in front of me.

Instead of sharing one of those many things this time, I invite you to look at it from my perspective, as though you need to find inspiration to share with others. It doesn’t need to be deeply profound or fit any sort of specific criteria. The point is looking within, listening, and taking the time to think on what is there.

We’re all so blessed and when we start to count our blessings, it can be an amazing realization. Often we just don’t slow down or stop to notice. Sure, we think on problems, what to do next, how we are in the moment or could be in the future. But we don’t often let ourselves generate hope and inspiration from what we have at hand.

Take some time today and muse a bit on what is moving in your life. Count your muses and let them take you some place beautiful.

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