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M.I.S.S. Muses: Big picture

M.I.S.S. Muses: Barcelona

M.I.S.S. Muses: Barcelona

I spent last week in Barcelona. It’s such a beautiful city, the weather was cooperative, ringing in the New Year was awesome, and the trip was a great getaway. With all the amazing sites, history, views, and moments to choose from, you know what was the most inspiring to me? Being in Barcelona was my big picture.

The past several months have been a build up to getting to Barcelona. I didn’t have a lot of disposable income to go towards the trip, but since it was for my sister, I was determined to do what I had to make it happen. I saved, cut costs here and there, and step-by-step, the trip pulled together.

Along the way, skipping lattes, eating in, and counting cents wasn’t exactly easy or something I was naturally motivated to do each day. But, my big picture was motivating. Picturing the trip and knowing my actions were getting my sister and me closer to seeing the city, seeing the sea, and eating tapas is what kept me going. Some days were harder and some sacrifices stung more in the moment than others. But skipping an extra bottle of wine with my groceries in trade for sangria on the Barcelona coast was what I kept in mind. And you know what? It was worth it.

I get it: I know the steps we take each day towards our bigger goals become mundane and tedious. But keep in mind what you’re working for. Think of, really envision, your big picture. Picturing it as you go through your day by day may even inspire you to work a bit harder and do a little more.

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2 Responses to “M.I.S.S. Muses: Big picture”

  1. Jenessa Jenessa says:

    love this! barcelona is on the top of the list of places i want to visit. beautiful pictures.

  2. Gee Gee says:

    take about inspirational! Barcelona is an amazing place, I’ve loved it every time I’ve visited– great pictures and I’m glad you enjoy the trip girl!


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