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M.I.S.S. Interviews Kid Sister

Kid Sister rockin' Kerin Rose frames at a recent performance

Kid Sister rockin' Kerin Rose frames at a recent performance

It could have been the bad speakerphone reception, the apparent exhaustion of the artist, or the general goofiness of the interviewer (moi), but my recent conversation with up-and-coming recording star Kid Sister was – well – kinda awkward. She was bored with the questions about A-Trak (her boyfriend and the executive producer of debut album, Ultraviolet) and seemingly annoyed at the mention of the “rough draft” titles of her album (including Koko B. Ware and Dream Date). Also, I was nervous – ’cause I LUH HER.

But as the interview progressed, Kid Sister Melisa perked up at the mention of the Cosby show and when we spoke of her former employer Bath and Body Works, we bonded over our mutual disgust for all things Sun-Ripened Raspberry-scented.

Check out these highlights from our conversation, including her describing her struggles with losing weight (“You can make it, even if you have cottage-cheese thighs”) and her proclamation that she is “just who she is; not constructed in a boardroom.”

Kid Sister is my friend in the head for sure.

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  1. Sun Ripened Raspberry! I haven’t thought about that stuff in forever!


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