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M.I.S.S. In the Mix: The Islands Make a Video with Michael Cera!

MISS in the Mix

After school specials are an art form of a distant 90s past, but if anyone could bring them back from the dead, it’s the mascot for awkward Michael Cera! The Superbad actor stars in the “No You Don’t” video for Canadian polymorphous pop-indie band The Islands, in what’s dubbed a “ZeroTolerance Production”. For those of you who think Cera plays the same role over and over again, you won’t be disappointed because despite being a pill-popper in this one, he’s still as awkward as can be! Cera plays a guy who decides to experiment by swallowing some crazy glowing pills, and then suffers a bizarre world of trips. Lots of drug-induced shenanigans ensue in this video, like: Cera climbing trees. Cera embracing an other-wordly bedazzled being. And Cera running (although not in jogging shorts a la Juno)!

The hallucinations are awesome, and prove that the kid’s totally got range — he’s not just the awkward guy, he’s the awkward guy that hallucinates! He’s cast as an awkward guy who hallucinates a whole alter sexy ego in his new movie Youth in Revolt, out in theaters on Friday. Awkward hallucinations are the new Cera black, we think the kid’s got a bright future ahead of him.

Check out the video for The Islands’ “No You Don’t” below.

[Via Pitchfork]

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