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M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: You Do You, and I’ll DuMi

You Do You, and I'll DuMi

You Do You, and I'll DuMi

After a hearty holiday season, all those extra calories consumed might not be so forgiving when you’re trying on that form-fitting frock.  You tried to stay away from the tempting tastes of party plates and vowed to have a healthy new year, but really, it’s going to take some time and hard work to get back that body that you used to have.  I’m STILL trying to flatten out my mommy pouch and post-college freshman fifteen…and it’s been years now.  But alas, shapewear, a woman’s best kept secret, is the next best thing to working it out and waiting.  You can look and feel your best with the help of a little firming here and there, and no one has to know…unless you tell them!

And now, here I am, telling my secret to the of the world.  This Saturday, I wore shapewear out and about for the first time, and now I think I will add this ingredient to my daily diet.  Being healthy isn’t only about what you eat, but about how you feel too!  And with the right shapewear, you’ll feel sexy without feeling like you’ve borrowed your aunt’s girdle.

I received a few samples from New York shapewear company DuMi just in time to wear them out to a Pharcyde show.  Since it was Bake a Pie Day, I filled up on freshly baked quiche and  I put on my newest H&M leggings over a pair of black DuMi Body Sculpting High-Cut Briefs.  Yes, hi-cut briefs scream granny panties, but these are a two-step and a half away from the Sears lingerie department.  Although I wish they had a more seamless look, the high waist helped to smooth out my extra lovin’ muffin top (I know you know what I’m talkin’ about!).   The lace elastic waistband adds a sexy look and has silicone lining to prevent any roll-ups from moving about.  The front panel provides light control and features a double lining for an extra-smooth silhouette without cutting off circulation.  I definitely did not want to feel constrained all night!

For the top, I wore a black DuMi Contouring Balconet Bra Cami.  If I was bold enough, I would have worn it on its own because it’s really that cute!  On top of that, the contoured, super soft cups provided some lift and support without a binding, uncomfortable feeling.  I wore a bra along with the top for some extra push, but the cami would have been fine without it, and would have been more comfortable.  The top fell just about to the top of the briefs, and through all of the movement of the night, it did roll up some.  Because of that, the same DuMi cami, but for long torsos, would have probably been a better fit for me.

Between the lacey details and smoothing fabric, I was feeling like I didn’t even want to put clothes on top.  And that’s the great thing about DuMi: they look at shapewear from a fashion perspective, so what you wear underneath will look good and make you feel even better.

Now ladies, before you rush out to buy shapewear for every day of the week, just remember that this should not be a substitute for healthy eating.  With the right diet and physical activity, you’ll be in shape to wear what you want.  But until then, make sure you include healthy, nutritious foods, and maybe even a Zumba class or two, into your shapewear shopping spree.

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One Response to “M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: You Do You, and I’ll DuMi”

  1. Queen of Bows Stella says:

    This is definitely an interesting post. I have 1 piece of shapewear and have contemplated getting more as it doesn’t work under everything. That’s awesome that these DuMi pieces worked for you as they don’t look binding or ugly or anything, which is what I sort of expect.


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