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Fashion Meets Music: Sly And The Family Stone

Fashion Meets Music: Sly And The Family Stone

The 1960’s and 1970’s were groundbreaking decades in the rise of youth culture and rebellion. The Beatniks of the late 50’s cracked the surface with their gatherings and shift in style. The outspoken hippies of the 60’s blazed through civil rights barriers with their social and political activism. Music sparked conversation and conversations inspired the music. The like-minded children of the era began to shape their own styles that challenged norms, the free spirits were allowed to express themselves like never before. The 1970’s were about experimentation and subgenres of music that were developing as a result. Different musicians were fusing their styles to create groundbreaking sounds. A group that pioneered the rock/funk/soul/psychedelic driven sound that blossomed during this era was Bay-Area band, Sly And The Family Stone. The band was the first major rock act to feature a multi-cultural lineup with men and women.

Fashion Meets Music: Sly And The Family Stone

The band was founded by brothers Sly and Freddie Stone, trumpeter Cynthia Robinson, drummer Gregg Errico, saxophonist Jerry Martini, and bassist Larry Graham completed the original lineup; Sly and Freddie’s sister, singer/keyboardist Rose Stone, joined within a year. They found much success with Billboard hits and four albums. They played to sell out crowds and were featured on television shows like Soul Train. I’m really into the haphazard gypsy style of this band. In fact, I see a hippie gypsy style resurging with all the floral and paisley prints hitting everything from MadeMe’s latest collection to Doc Martens. Are you embracing the florals and paisleys? I feel as though fashion right now has two sides. The happy, easy going, I wear feathers and headbands (hippie gypsy) thing. Or the dark, avant garde, don’t mess with me because some article of my clothing could cause sufficient harm to your body thing. Hopefully, none of this is taken too literally, because as always, fashion should be fun. Perhaps this quote from Vivienne Westwood sums it up best:

I am attracted to people who make this effort in knowing what suits them – they are individual and stylish.

Sly and The Family Stone set their own standards, broke traditional boundaries, and hopefully will inspire you to do the same, all while gettin down to some funky fresh beats!

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  1. Jeff Kaliss says:

    Worthwhile words about a worthy group. Read more in my book: I Want to Take You Higher: The Life and Times of Sly & the Family Stone (Backbeat Books 2008/2009).


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