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Boutique Peek: Lash Lab, San Francisco

Boutique Peek: Lash Lab, San Francisco

Boutique Peek: Lash Lab, San Francisco (Photos: Quincy Stamper)

I’m going to be completely honest with you: I have never been interested in wearing false eyelashes…ever. Not only do I not really care for them but I’ve always been a bit afraid of the “eyelash on the forehead” scenario after a late-night rendevouz with a gentleman caller (feel me?). I might still want to try them once but I already know they’re just not for me!

Well, a friend recently bought me a set of—you guessed it—false eyelashes! Her intentions were only good. She said she thought I would have a bit more fun when I go out if I rocked them…but, surprise surprise, they’re still sitting in their box…haunting me.

This definitely got me thinking. Should I be paying more attention to my eyelashes?! I mean, even though I’m not into fake eyelashes, I am that “won’t leave the house without mascara” girl. Could making my eyelashes more full give me new-found confidence when going out? If so, what were my options?

After a bit of research, I discovered that a secret bungalow called LASH LAb, located on Union Street in San Francisco, is the ONLY professional establishment in the city that focuses on just eyelashes (others do lashes and brows but are mainly known for their brows). Their specialty? Eyelash extensions!

Boutique Peek: Lash Lab, San Francisco

Boutique Peek: Lash Lab, San Francisco

I had to know more so I went to the source and met up with Judy of Lash Lab for the inside scoop on lash extensions:

M.I.S.S.: Hi Judy! First, tell me a little about Lash Lab.

Lash Lab is dedicated to the art of customizing eyelash extensions to eyes of all shapes and sizes as well as accentuating your natural beauty with a host of makeup services from make-overs to brow artistry, and even our very own line of custom clip-in hair extensions called Halo.

Our lash experts are veteran make-up artists who have worked in the industry at some of today’s most notable cosmetic lines with a long list of private clients and special events ranging from bridal parties to movie sets. With precision, they can customize the right set of extensions to suit your lifestyle. Everything from type of curl, to thickness and length of lash are carefully crafted to give you that je ne sais quois twinkle in your eye.

We’re pioneering the San Francisco movement for semi-permanent lash extensions and bringing it to the forefront. Its going to take some time (this service is already all over LA, NY, Asia…even Canada!) but we’re putting a pin on the map, SF!

M.I.S.S. Who are your clients?

Most of our clients come to us through industry word of mouth and referrals. We like to consider ourselves the artists playground where insider tips are shared amongst top beauticians, before reaching you, the client. For the first time, these experts can offer you a custom 1:1 total face makeover in the privacy of LASH LAb’s secret beauty bungalow, minus the sales pressure.

We also offer a limited services menu for happy hour so girls can get their makeup done somewhere other than a cosmetic counter at the mall!

M.I.S.S.: What makes Lash Lab unique?

What makes us work, is our network of artists and a stylish client base that loves everything that oozes girl. Lashes, makeup & hair styling are some of these things…Its really quite simple; girls like to get pretty. Pretty makes us happy and happy makes us pretty. Its a really nice cycle we can jumpstart!

There are other independent estheticians that might be out there, or working in salons that offer other services…but we are all about extensions and getting pretty!

M.I.S.S.: Tell us a little more about the services you offer.

Well, again, we do lash extensions, make our own custom hair extensions (clip-in called Halo) and offer makeup services to compliment the look.

We also offer a limited services menu for happy hour (7-9PM & by appointment only) and, to sweeten the deal we even have a candy bar & assortment of beverages!

For Valentine’s Day, we’ve teamed up with Zaza Nail Spa for an exclusive offer. The special includes a Sugar Kiss Manicure + Pedicure & a Wink Wink servicea quickie session to accent your own lashes.

Starting mid-eye, lashes gradually get thicker and longer toward the outer corners. The Wink Wink service is perfect if you are looking for a cat-eye or classic Marilyn Monroe ‘bedroom-eyes’ look.

M.I.S.S. : Why do you call your location Secret Bungalow?

We are very different than the average Jill salon. In fact, Lash Lab is not a salon at all. We are located in a bungalow that feels more like a fancy girlfriend’s powder room/living room. We want our clients to feel like they are hanging out with the girls, getting pretty together… just like the goold ol’ days. Give us a reason to dress up and we’ll turn the “getting ready” part into the pre-party. Why not have a professional establishment capture the fun that us girls have, when getting ready? Think of your best friend’s studio apartment…not very big, cute decor, Saturday night with the girls that hold the keys to all your secret…

We don’t advertise our address, because our quality speaks for itself. We’re not a drop-in kind of service and to rely on word of mouth and good press, keeps us on our toes, offering the absolute best in customer service. To find us, you walk through a sweet, secret garden that leads to the foot of our vine covered secret beauty bungalow…for address and directions, you have to make an appointment 😉

Thanks Judy!

There you have it ladies! A peek into Lash Lab and all they have to offer…Although I may not be ready to extended the length of my lashes just yet I’m so glad I met Judy and got a look into the lash industry.

Be sure you check out Lash Lab’s official launch party tonight (January 29th, 2010) at Eve Lounge in San Francisco. Not only is it the party already the talk of the town—catching the eye of 944 Magazine—but you’re all invited. No cover!

The theme is Faux Show, so wear your false eyelashes and hair extensions with pride! In fact, get extra dolled-up and you’ll be in the running for over $1,500 in amazing prizes! If that’s not enough to get you excited,  there will also be a hosted champagne bar from 9-10pm, DJs and 10% of purchases made during the night will be donated to charity.

Check out the details below or at!

Boutique Peek: Lash Lab, San Francisco

Boutique Peek: Lash Lab, San Francisco

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4 Responses to “Boutique Peek: Lash Lab, San Francisco”

  1. Jenessa Jenessa says:

    this place looks great! love finding new cosmetic treasure coves. sweet that they set it up as a “getting ready room,” bc thats always been my apartment :)

  2. Queen of Bows Stella says:

    Love the vibe of this place! And “Faux Show” is the cutest name.
    BTW- I was never into fake lashes, but after using them for dance and shoots, hellllooo pretty! Into them.

  3. Judy says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you like our concept… If your ever in the city of SF, wwing thru. We are set up to have 2 lash services going at the same time, so bring a friend and make it double the fun!

    Lash Lab

  4. artiffact artiffact says:

    I had a chance to stop by the event, and although I didn’t get the “faux lashes” memo, I wish I had one of those nights when I just wanted to wear lashes just because. Seems like the only time that happens for me is Halloween! The highlight of the night was the Minx nail demo….I’m wanting to get Minxed up!


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