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Art Radar: 01.28.10

Hemway Industries is proud to announce the launch of a new print by David Choe, “Haitian Girl”, with all proceeds being donated to benefit the Haitian Relief Effort.  Personally paying for the cost of the prints, David Choe created “Haitian Girl” with all proceeds going to Yéle Haiti, a foundation created by Wyclef Jean.  “Haitian Girl” measures 18×24 and is a giclée print on archival paper.  Limited to 50 editions, the print is hand-signed by David Choe and costs $300.  The print is available now for pre-sale but will not ship until February 21, 2010.

David Choe’s next solo exhibition featuring new works, “Character Assassination” opens on February 5, 2010 at Fifty24SF.
Juxtapoz Dark Arts is all about an art form that aims to be unsettling and has its roots in the 20th Century. Some people make a connection between dark art and gothic subculture, others simply associate it with the metaphysical, the disturbing or the nightmarish. However you perceive it, this art form is now part of mainstream culture and is becoming ever more popular. It can be found in all sorts of media including advertising, television, and film. This collection of works compiled by Juxtapoz features today’s most talented dark artists, all of whom create a certain mood or emotion in their work that is uniquely theirs. Some are especially lush in detail and color such as those by Wendy Cogan-Toyoda; others more minimalist such as Irana Douer’s hidden treasure nudes. Artists featured include Cleon Peterson, Richard Colman, Seonna Hong, Marci Washington, Caroline Hwang, Alex Pardee, Suzanne Sattler and more.
I really love and I mean LOOOOOOOVE Polly Morgan and Elizabeth McGrath. I’ve been following them for quite sometime.
To purchase: visit
In honor of Mos Def’s 2 GRAMMY Award nods, HVW8, Union LA & Frolab are ECSTATIC to announce the upcoming photo show entitled “MOS DEF: ECSTATIC MOMENTS” – a one week exhibition showcasing rare performance and behind-the-scenes images captured by Cognito while accompanying Mos Def on the two year journey of making and supporting the June 2009 release of “The Ecstatic”.

The exhibition will be open to the public from January 30, 2010 through February 6, 2010

at the HVW8 Art + Design Gallery

661 N. Spaulding Ave., Los Angeles CA, 90036

open Tuesday to Sunday, 1 – 6 pm or by appointment. (323) 655-HVW8(4898)

“We frolaborate”

Virgie Tovar presents…
For Fuck’s Sake : an erotic education art show. This promises to be an evening of yumminess and sexpertise, complete with treats, erotic performance and art, music, a silent auction (thanks to donations from Good Vibrations and others) and trained sex educators to answer your questions. This evening is dedicated to the expansion of knowledge about sex and sexuality, visual art and performance.

Date: Friday, January 29
Time: 7-midnight
Venue: Sub-Mission Gallery, 2183 Mission St.
(between 17th and 18th. Yes, that means you can BART!)
$5@door (which will go to support future sex ed endeavors)

Curtis Kulig’s first  “Love Me” print edition. Available in Black and Red editions of 75.  Prints are signed and numbered by the artist.  Buy one for your Valentine, they will “Love” it. Only two weeks until Valentine’s Day y’all!
Each print is $60. For purchases visit here.
Sloan Fine Art, in conjunction with Greene Contemporary, is pleased to present Black Forest / White Lightning by Nathan Skiles in the front gallery and Feral by Heather Sherman in the project room.
Front Gallery: Nathan Skiles, “Black Forest / White Lightning” Project Room: Heather Sherman, “Feral”

Exhibition: January 27 to February 20, 2010

If you haven’t seen this, do it now. The website is INSANE! Like it is really blowing my mind. I’ve visited quite a few times since it’s been buzzing. So,  Spike Jonze fans- be on the look out for this 30 min short film I’m Here from the creator of Where the Wilds Things Are. Neives is also releasing a zine in conjunction with the short. In the mean time, take a quick peek at what we do have here:

Im Here Movie

TOYS! Following the success of the original version, Coarsetoys have released a new colorway from the ‘False Friends’ series. This time around, a vibrant yellow sunrise version of young ‘Noop’ and ‘Paw!’ comes in a life size ‘Noop’ and ‘Paw!’ Face box with a limited edition family and friends application card. The Signature Edition will be available at Coarsehkg and select retailers on February 3, 2010 at the retail price of $3388 (Approx. $435). Expensive, I know, but look at them!
If you have not heard TooFly is on fire. I feel like almost every Art Radar I’m writing about her! Well, yeah, she is apart of the M.I.S.S. Crew and all, but she is getting mad press! (:  Below is an interview with Juxtapoz magazine:

“I don’t mean to scare you,” I said to her, “but you’re going to be a star; a SuperStar.” Bold words from the infamous Ricky Powell said to NYC based artist TooFly (Juxtapoz #109). If her feature in our current February 2010 issue isn’t enough for you, take a look at the personal side of miss TooFly in our Back Talk feature.

Today, I feel:
Cold. It’s freezing in NY. I don’t like the cold weather it makes everything around me feel stagnant. Sometimes it’s good because I finally get some peace, but I really, really miss the sunshine!!

If you had three wishes, what would they be?

1. To live in harmony with nature.
2. Peace.
3. An honest government who cares for people, and quality of life for all.

Do you consider yourself a funny person?
I don’t mean to be, but my friends think I’m pretty silly when I say things sometimes that come out all wrong.

If you had one magic power, what would it be?

To FLY. That way I can reach high spots to paint, and flow freely towards natural landscapes when I need to escape the daily city grind.

Something that makes you happy?
I get happy when others are happy. It’s pretty contagious when we can all get down for it.

Something that makes you mad?

What was your favorite subject in elementary school?
Art. I used to get excused from class to paint the auditorium walls in school! That was fun.

If you feel a creative block, what do you do to jumpstart inspiration?
I research. I go into my files of inspiration and gather ideas to get my thoughts to flow more easily.

When someone is taking a photo, do you smile for the camera or turn your head?
I crack a smile : )

Are you a social network enthusiast?
Yup. I dig it. I like to share. I keep up with most of my networking sites when I have some down time. It’s another world where folks on an international level can get info on my exhibits, new product releases, and inside scoop. Most are public but some are not. I like to keep it positive. If your negative and have nothing better to do with your life, I will block you.

What is a quality you don’t like about yourself?

I get shy sometimes, and I hate it.

Last good book you read?

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.

Who has had the most impact on your life?
My Mom. She’s DOPE! For all the great values she instilled in me that have transferred into everything I do. The choices I make, the people I surround myself with, and the things I enjoy doing. She’s given me great life gifts.

Are you spiritual?
Yea. I dig the universal wayz, and cause and effect laws of life. As long as you do things with good intentions that love will spread to give you, others, and the world around you many blessings.

One word to describe your artwork?

What’s missing in your life?
Not much, maybe some kids.

Are you a pet person?
Yea. Only dogs though. Not much of a cat person or any other little creature…

Is your artwork understood?
Someone actually made it very clear to me today that it is ; )

The most trouble you’ve ever gotten into:
Stealing a lipstick from Woolsworth when I was 15.

Where do you imagine yourself in five years?
In my first home, digging the ground to make a garden, and helping my grandpa build a shack outside for a creative art & design room.

Learn more on TooFly via her various online venues:


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