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Art Radar: 01.07.09


I hope that everyone had an amazing set of Holidays and a safe New Years. I’d like to say good luck, good health and prosperity to everyone in 2010.



”Paper Dolls” features new works on display at FIFTY24LA Gallery from January 14, 2010 through March 3, 2010.

A group exhibition of the artists’ interpretation of the paper doll. If you didn’t know there are some HUGE names in this show: Toofly, Claw Money, INSA, Kerin-Rose, Indie184, Lanie Alabanza-Barcena, Queen Andrea, Fawn Gehweiler and many more.  Also, M.I.S.S.’s very own Kim “The Hotstepper” Jefferson and Lexx Valdez have curated this show. What an amazing way to kick off the art New Year.

Opening/Downtown LA Art Walk: Thursday, January 14, 2010
Second Opening/Downtown LA Art Walk: Thursday, February 11, 2010

125 East 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Tuesday – Saturday 12 to 6



Finally, Bebe is cool again (I used to love Bebe to bits when I was in high school).  Look at her! She is so hot, I’m not sure if it’s the apparel or the mock tattoos. Probably the latter, since Mike Giant hand did them himself. Here’s something that was brought to our attention that had us wide eyed with oohs and aahs. Posted by Joshy D. of Rebel8 (which is Joshy D. x Mike Giant) .

I posted a sneak peek of what Mike Giant is hooking me up with for my new house via Twitter. Here is the final and full version. It was cut down slightly from the original, huge bus shelter poster size, but it’s still large and the best damn bebe ad ever. Thanks Mike! You da best.

And he is right, this is the best Bebe ad ever.



Straight from the horse’s mouth:

Me and a few friends will be showing work @ the Bo Concepts pop up shop on Western Ave right between Madison and Marion St.The space is amazing and it should be a good mix between photography,paintings,installation and what ever the fuck I decide to show.I would love to see you all there I took a big role in the curation of this show trying to show case artist’s that I respect and I think you will as well. Opening reception is from 7-10 and will coincide with all other First Thursday Galleries plus it’s like a block away from the 619 Loft Space.

909 Western Ave.

Seattle, WA 98104

Jan. 7th-Jan 31st




The current show, Swipple and Gold, will be closing this Thursday from 6-9pm with a reception.

If you can’t make it there is a PDF Catalogue on their website:

Here’s some exciting news!!!

We are closed for the rest of January as we are making some changes to the space and we will re-open on February 4th for:

a photography show from
Massan Fluker
featuring PEZ

Lots more info to come in the next weeks!


Volunteers needed for helping us make changes to our space from Saturday, January 8th- the 17th. Food and drink provided in exchange for labor.

please call Greg at 310-869-0993 to let us know what days and hours you can help out!

Ever Gold Gallery
441 O’Farrell St.
San Francisco, CA 94102



This should be a really good show considering that Vancouver is notorious for having the same artists at every show. To be honest, I only recognize two names from this roster. Refreshing to say the least. I’m excited to check this out during my next visit. Bummed that I can’t be there for the opening reception, but that’s life.  If you are in Vancouver, go!

Ayden Gallery presents:
Featured Artists: Jeff Boyes, Rebecca Dart , Nicholas Tay, Peter Hogan, Evil Tim, Peeta, Adam Lupton, Noemi Kozikowska, Jeff Dywelska, Matt Andres, William Chad Willsie, Jesse Early, Andrew Domachowski
Opening Reception
Friday January 8th, 2010
7pm – 11pm
Music:   Ricco with Erica Dee
Free Admission
Artists in Attendance
Closing Date: 02/07/10
88 West Pender St
2nd floor
International Village(Tinseltown)
Vancouver, BC



We will also be accepting donations of old blankets to give to shelters so dogs don’t have to sleep on cold concrete floors
as well as old/new pet beds, towels, comforters, treats, toys, leashes, collars and carriers/crates
(please bring all you can weekend of Jan. 9th/10th).
20% of all proceeds will be donated to Born Free USA

Look for exclusive prints from Amy Sol, Liz McGrath and Buff Monster
to be released during the opening reception (more details announced soon)
John Park will be painting live opening night out front our gallery
We will also have the Little Spoon Desserts Truck out serving up all kinds of delicious goodness from 7-10PM

Strangest Angels Animal Rescue (dogs and cats)

Bunny World Foundation (Baby Bunnies Rescue)
Life 4 Paws (small dogs)


Fafi's Mural in Mexico - The aftermath
Fafi’s Mural in Mexico – The aftermath

With the recent fiasco involving Robbo and Banksy we thought that was enough already, well a favorite Parisian graff artist of mine (and probably yours) had recently had the same done to her. Fafi’s mural in Mexico was violated as well. Here’s what Fafi had to say:

As far as I am concerned I like to think people can play with my stuff in the street, If I wouldn’t want my paintings to be covered by others or even played with, I would stay in my studio and paint for myself, it’s just that sometimes it’s better done than others, isn’t it ?

If you really wanna play with the Fafinettes, you’d better be either witty or talented.  This mural is was in Mexico DF.



Art Of Facts (Feat. FUTURA) from 13thWitness™ on Vimeo.



I still can only come up with two words when I think of the works of Lee Renninger: wonderful and intricate.  Here is Renninger’s statement:

For the past several years, I have been exploring clay as fabric. Ceramic material is inherently dense and inflexible—qualities that have historically recommended it for utility. The transformation of this material into works that are soft and fluid as well as visually weightless, is only one way of challenging the long standing beliefs about clay as an artistic medium. Questions remain about the possibilities of the material—how it might be used and in what ways it can speak of our time.    – Lee Renninger

Much of my work has evolved from a fascination with repeated patterns and multiple objects. It is primarily clay based but often incorporates other media in an installation format. While clay is most often associated with fine craft and functional objects, I use it conceptually—stretching the boundaries of the material in an effort to challenge the accepted ideas of how clay should be used.




Please join Timezone Gallery on January 8th from 5 to 9 pm at 717 Leavenworth St between Post and Sutter for our first opening reception and solo exhibition featuring the work of Elizabeth Amento.

Her eye catching gouache drawings and fluffy interactive sculpture of pop craft will be a definite visual stimulant. As part of our new philosophy, here at Timezone Gallery we are committed to highlighting emerging artist’s who’s work is as fun to look at as it is well made.

To understand the work of Elizabeth Amento one must take Jackson Pollack, Kara Walker, and Cecily Brown, smash their works together, delicately though and on small 8 by 8 inch pieces of white archival paper. Then take Claes Oldenburg and Jeff Koons fuck up their work so you cant tell what it is anymore, and you will have similarly looking but larger then life fluffy interactive installations. Get some curious gallery goers and have them crawl under them, around them and lie down and relax inside them.

She is a new San Francisco based artist who got her edge-a-mo-vacation or MFA at the School of The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Who has recently relocated back to SF and will be having this, her first Solo show in the place where she grew up. After you view the show and play with the art you can hang out and party in our back yard to celebrate our first opening featuring a fantastic new artist Elizabeth Amento.

on view
January 8th-29th 2010

Timezone Gallery

717 Leavenworth St (between Post and Sutter)

San Francisco, CA 94109



“Urban Confluence” opens at C.A.V.E. Gallery Saturday January 9th. The show features a talented group of art renegades, whose dynamic compositions are inspired by the surrounding urban environment – the density of buildings, the serendipitous interaction of city dwellers, and the hope that elements of nature will find their way into our urban daily lives.

The exhibition will showcase an interesting diversity of cutting edge works, including paintings, mixed media collages, pen and ink, and unique hand-sprayed stencils.

Participating artists are: Codak, Craig “Skibs” Barker, Daryll Peirce, Eatcho, Euth, Gosha Levochkin, Greg Boudreau, Han Haveron, Liz Brizzi, Michelle Dubin, Nate Seubert, Renee Lawter, Patrick Haemmerlein, and Zoso.

C.A.V.E. Gallery

507 Rose Avenue

Venice CA 90291



1AM SF is not only an art gallery celebrating urban and street art but also an establishment committed to conveying the positive aspects of this misunderstood form of art. The classes are aimed to give an outlet for people to express themselves creatively and raise awareness to the urban arts. The four classes offered at 1AM are Stencil, Art of Graffiti “Sketching Letters”, Toy Modification, and the Letter Style and Mural Production. We give students first hand experience in the world of street and urban art by teaching them the history, culture, art styles of graffiti and having them paint a mural on one of the busiest streets of San Francisco. 1AM, short for First Amendment, encourages people to freely share their thoughts and ideas through the medium of art in a responsible and innovative way.

Roman, heralded as one of the most positive people they have ever met, teaches the Stencil classes at 1AM SF. He teaches students to create stencils that can be applied to any surface, whether it be on shoes, an old shirt, a hat or just plain old paper. The class starts with logo development and ends with each student creating his or her very own stencil. All art supplies needed for creating the personalized stencil are provided by 1AM. Class is offered every month.

-Each class consists of two sessions
-The class is $50/person
-Ages 18+ welcome.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 At 05:30 PM


1000 Howard st.

San Francisco, CA, 94103



Hilarious! I think I have found a new artist to follow. Please check the links out.


Cuban International Artist Collaboration Project

Artist Call Out

Deadline: Jan. 25th, 2009

The “Cuban International Artist Collaboration Project” is seeking visual artists, mc’s, music producers, screen printers, extreme sports athletes, and videographers to participate in a project in conjunction LA MADRIGUERA in Havana, Cuba.  The project seeks to build an international collaboration between foreign and Cuban artists in the following ways.

  1. Street Artists: Painting a collaborative mural with street artists from Cuba.  The painting will include a painting demonstration event with dj’s and community members.
  2. Musicians: Collaborate with Cuban musicians to create and record music at a studio. The music will be uploaded to the blog/ myspace/ facebook of the project after final production. In addition, if you have your own network of distribution, we are open to suggestions.
  3. Screenprinters: Build a screenprinting studio in the LA MADRIGUERA that will remain for community usage including screen burning, printing, and drying capabilities.  Create and print posters and T-shirts made in the studio to distribute to community members.
  4. Videographers: Shoot and edit the events of the project for the 10 main days of project.  There will be a final screening at a closing event for the entire project.
  5. Photographers: Shoot photography of the events of the project to use on online media and print.  The photographs will be used in the final video project.
  6. Extreme Sports: Near LA MADRIGUERA is “La Sala Polivalente – Skatepark”. In order to create a community collaboration, we need international skaters, inliners or BMX atlethes to performe demos for the locals. In addition, host a 2 day class to teach community youth how to ride and learn from professionals.

Requirements: artists must be Spanish speaking or willing to learn (we will not have a translator). They must have 5 years of experience in their field.   All artists are required to cover their own expenses for 15 days in Cuba (approximately $1000) and $250 for your visa.

We will be traveling to Cuba legally with permits.  We will arrange all permiting and hotels. The project is scheduled for June 15-30th, 2010.

If you are interested in participating please email the following information to or

Please Title the email: Cuban International Artists Collaborative Project

  1. Bio
  2. Portfolio or 5 images of your work
  3. Link to electronic media (websites, facebook, flicker, myspace)
  4. CV
  5. Specialization: Painters, photographer, screenprinter, videographers, extreme sports, or musician.



Clark Magazine celebrates its 40th issue with 3 special covers done up by the french artist Miss Van. Issue 40 also offers a special song track to download on the website compiled by DJ Aliejo from the french collective Pain ‘o’ Chokolat.

You can also discover the portraits of agnès b., Michaël Dupouy from LA MJC, the director Spike Jonze or the interview about Nigel Cabourn from the eponymous english brand.

In the lifestyle section you will find a special article on the twentieth anniversary of Grunge, a city-guide of the french city Marseille, and the portfolio of the photographer Jeaneen Lund about Morrissey’music fans.

Miss Van contributed a 15 page spread, also you will find the works of Marylin Minter, Francine Spiegel and Derek Albeck in the magazine.


Past posts that you may have missed that should not slip under your Art Radar:

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