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Women Making History: The Year in Review ’09


As 2009 comes to a close and the excitement of what’s to come in 2010 fills us, we find ourselves reflecting on this past year…corny, I know but read on! I promise it gets better 😉

It’s great to make lists of the ‘bests and worsts’ of the year. It helps us reflect on who we were and who we’ve become since. From big changes (new homes, relationships, habits, etc.) to the small ones (new clothes we’ve welcomed into our lives) we should see all of our ‘bests and worsts’ of ’09 as experiences that will eventually polish and refine us into the person we strive to be.

For the second year in a row, we’ve been featuring amazing and inspiring ladies in our Women Making History series. Every person we’ve highlighted has brought amazing energy to the site that has allowed us to create an archive filled with women that are creative, mentally strong, each beautiful and confident in their own way. These women are capable of owning any room they walk in. They’ve worked hard…and they are just like you!

Lanie Hellz Bellz

Our archive of 2008 WMH honoree includes Lanie of Hellz Bellz. She's in good company with Claw Money and Toofly and the ladies of DimePiece, just to name a few!

Women Making History: Michelle Kwan, Annie of Cubannie Links, The Ladies of Club Zonder Filter, Kerri O’Connell of Good Wood NYC, Kelly B. of Princess of the Posse, and Joan Baez (singer/activist)

Women Making History: Michelle Kwan, Annie of Cubannie Links, The Ladies of Club Zonder Filter, Kerri O’Connell of Good Wood NYC, Kelly B. of Princess of the Posse, and Joan Baez (singer/activist)

This past March—aka Women’s History Month and the original idea for the column—we featured a whopping 37 ladies in that month alone. We caught up with everyone’s favorite around-the-way girl, Annie Basulto of Cubannie Links and also jumped across the pond to highlight the ladies of Club Zonder Filter, who gave us a look into the young Amsterdam based marketing company that brought L.A. Gear back in full effect!

Women Making History: Judy Blume, Mae aka ILL P, Tee of, Radio Rose Garcia, Kerin Rose of A-Morir, Linda Smyth of Fleathers, and Peggy Guggenheim

Accessories were big in '09 and we got some of the best in the game (Kerin Rose, Linda Smyth) to talk about the trade! And what would Women's History Month be without a look at some historical ladies (Judy Blume, Peggy Guggenheim)?

Kerin Rose or A-Morir and Leah McSweeny of Married To The Mob both had great years and we were very lucky to catch them before they got too busy. We even caught Erin Magee of MadeMe and NYC DJ Roxy by the tails and those bunnies are always hopping around doing something awesome!

Women Making History: Betsey Johnson

Women Making History: Betsey Johnson

We were a ridiculous-level of excited in August when we finally revealed to our readers—what’s now, one of our most popular features to date—Betsey Johnson! I remember receiving the scan of her handwritten survey in my inbox and thinking, BJ wrote on a piece of paper that was scanned (probably by one of her interns but it’s still her writing!) and sent to my inbox!

Randi hit us with a very proper write-up—ala Guy Smiley’s “This Is Your Life!” but better—that is still getting praises! And to make it even more amazing, our very own M.I.S.S. Liz Baca (our co-founder and soon-to-be birthday girl) shared shots of some vintage BJ pieces along with a story of how Alice Adams (Rock It Retro) sold Betsey a dress off of Ebay that eventually landing them both in the tents at Bryant Park for her F/W ‘08 J show!

We’ve even recently felt the need to put the spotlight our very own M.I.S.S. Kim aka The Hottstepper, who happens to be celebrating her birthday today (12/16)! Happy Birthday to our Editor! [Insert Invisible Prezint Here]

Women Making History: Sarah Morrison

In September, Sarah Morrison told us that she'd drop everything to be an intern for Wendy Williams and how she think Twitter might be her calling.

Nubby Twiglet

You can't see them in this pic but Nubby Twiglet has a confident taste in shoes!

Photographer Brooke Nipar and writer Sarah Morrison both taught us that it’s okay to Missbehave. While friends, Nubby Twiglet (who I vote Best Dressed Graphic Designer on the planet) and the ever-so-awesome Gala Darling, taught us that surrounding ourselves with individuals that are as equally driven as we are, will keep the creative juices flowing…and it doesn’t hurt that these two both have a passion for fashion!

Women Makign History: Sophy Robson

Make sure to visit Sophy's blog where she posts some of the illest nails in the industry.

To scratch that ‘nails did’ itch we featured ladies at the top of the game, of nail boutique Valley NYC, Julia & Nina Werman and  Queen of the Rainbow Tip, Sophy Robson.

Women Making History: Melody Ehsani

Melody Ehsani gave us a look at the Final Frontier—her HOT AS FI-YUR accessories lookbook for Fall 2009! A 2009 must see!

Although a new year is always scary (will this be the year camo comes back in style?! *cue the horror music!*), it’s alway nice to have trendsetters like Melody Ehsani and Samantha Jo Alonso of Fruition there to forecast and shed some light on the future.

Women Making History is a great column to visit when feeling uninspired. Many of these woman have shared with us the things they find most challenging in their careers and it somehow eases us to read how hard they’ve worked because it reminds us that we are not alone in this struggle of ‘making it.’ Again, this was just a quick rundown to highlight some of ladies we feature in 2009.  Visit our ‘Interviews’ page to check out a whole more.

Also, please feel free to give these ladies a virtual high-five by dropping a comment or visiting their site. We always welcome thoughts and feedback, too. What are you digging? What do you want to see more/less of? Definitely let us know!

Now, bring on 2010 cause we’re ready for it!

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