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What I Want For The Holidays #9

What I Want For The Holidays #9

What I Want For The Holidays #9

I love the holidays! There’s something about them that pulls everyone together no matter what the occasion is. As much as I love giving gifts, or anything for that matter, it doesn’t hurt to receive something in return, I’m not complaining!

1. Inglourious Basterds DVD: I will forever be a Q. Tarantino girl! No one believed me when I said his next movie would be amazing. I definitely think this it ranks high along with Pulp Fiction. I’m crazy for hot Nazi-killing Jews, and cinema saving the world. I usually just stream my movies, and re-rent them if I like them. But this is a movie I know for sure I will never get tired of and want to own.

2. Adjustable spotlights: The idea of turning my room into a stage is amazing. I’m still on my search to finding the perfect adjustable ceiling spotlights. Lights that are gel-insertable, have the option to fade in and out, and are adjustable should do the job. My dream is to do a sassy Broadway re-make of Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! right in my room. That would be crazy! You will all be invited!

3. Ralph Lauren Garnett Wool Crepe Jacket: Nothing says love better than this gorgeous jacket, not even my boyfriend. It speaks for itself, and oh does it know how to sweet talk me. It’s beautiful gold buttons and luxurious wool, come to mama.

4. Disney Couture: The Compass Locket Necklace: The compass in the Pocahontas movie is symbolic for the path she decides to take, and I can apply that to myself, because I know where I want to go. It’s a “14K gold plated compass locket with a movable arrow. It is engraved in front with crystal accents and ‘Listen to your heart and you will understand’ engraved on the back, featuring a red ruby heart crystal” –excerpt from Karmaloop.com Peep the little head dress charm!

5. Lush Gift Card: My life depends on Lush cosmetics. Just the smell of the store lures me in, and even if I don’t need to, I end up buying something every time I step in. Toners, bath bombs, jellies, soaps, and lip balms galore. Oh me, oh my. Help support my addiction and buy me one!

Happy Holidays, M.I.S.S.! xoxo

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