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What I Want For The Holidays #6

margaret wishlist

1. Closet space – I know there’s more than one lady (or gent) out there who feels me on this one. I. Have. No. ROOM! No matter how I think this through, re-packing and re-organizing, even after donations to the S.A., I still have piles of stuff that won’t fit anywhere. Santa I solemnly swear I will love you forever if you save me from my storage issues.

2. Crafty supplies –  If you cant buy, DIY! Spend less $ and be more creative. Giggle at the shocked faces when you say “Oh, this? Yeah I made it myself!”

3. Installations – I’ve always wanted to do a large-scale art installation somewhere in the city. This may be more of a New Years Eve resolution type thing, or even a Christmas present to myself. Regardless, it’s something I want and well, ‘presents’ can be subjective, right?? Maybe I’ll just wish for one of my talented friends to get inspired and come along with me. Installation by Tara Donovan

4. Decent Winter Boots – The lucky ladies who live on the west coast don’t need to worry so much about this one, but for those of us stuck on the east side, this is an annual struggle. How is it, with the multitude of designers, the masses of shopping centers, that I can’t find a warm pair of boots that don’t look like I’m about to go dogsledding? If anyone knows of anything, holla for real. I can’t go another winter freezing/looking like a snowman. Alexander Wang Boots shown.

5. A Video Camera! – Vlogs > blogs baby! Panasonic Pro Video Camera

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