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What I Want For The Holidays #5

What I Want For The Holidays #5

What I Want For The Holidays #5

I have a holiday time birthday too, and have always disliked that I get a lot of combo gifts. But I won’t complain too much, since I’m grateful to be getting any presents at all.  Here are five things that I want/need in my life right now and would like to receive for the Holidays.

1. Canon G10 Camera – I’ve played with one of these a little, and I was instantly taken. I just want to use it. A lot.

2. RAM – 4 Gigs on 2 cards, please. My laptop is 2 years old, and wants out of diapers.

3. Driving Lessons – I need to get over my fear of driving and just do it. I’m too old for this shit. Get it together, girl.

4. Marc Jacobs Duck Boots – I’ve wanted a pair of duck boots for a really long time. Although these boots would probably be ideal for someone who wears skirts or dresses, I really feel like I need to tuck in mah trousers and conquer some wet and/or wintry streets in these tall boys.

5. Grey Jeans – Grey jeans. Grey jeans. I love grey jeans. Love love. My perfect fitting  but well worn $20 grey jeans from H&M just sprung a leak in the undercarriage, so they have sadly been retired. I don’t know where the next perfect pair of grey jeans will be, but when I find them, I’m buying 2 pairs. 4 if they’re just $20.

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3 Responses to “What I Want For The Holidays #5”

  1. I do too. When is your birthday? Mine is the 15th.
    I’ve been pretty lucky to get separate gifts so it felt like nobody forgot.

    I love your list, I hope you get everything you have asked for (:

  2. I’m the 16th! There are so many Sagittariuses up in the M.I.S.S. mix, it’s crazy.

  3. Jenessa says:

    oi vey! my sister is the 13th. i know allll about you sagittarius’ y’all under that fire sign…mm. mm. mmmmm….;)


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