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What I Want for the Holidays #4


What I Want For the Holidays #4

The coolest thing about being a winter baby is having a birthday right after Black Friday, and far enough from Christmas not to get the dreaded 2-for-1. And although this time last year, I was whipping out the CC at the comp faster than you can say “Submit Order”, I’m whittling down my list to 5 things I want under my tree before the New Year. Hey Santa Baby, can ya hear me?

1. Hellz Bellz Shemagh Skirt

If I could define myself in an article of clothing, it would be smart, provocative, and borderline blasphemous, which is exactly what this Hellz skirt is! I was lucky enough to see the original protocol MissLawn doctored-up: a keffiyeh-skirt hybrid destined to turn heads and keep tongues wagging.

2. Powermat

My iPhone isn’t just an electronic device to me, it’s a way of life. And as much as I use the dang thing, it’s always a drag when you need to occupy a fussy toddler in a restaurant and you have zero juice. So instead of playing tug-of-war on the Firewire between iPhone and iPod, I’d love to snatch up this baby and stay cord-free while I charge them simultaneously! I can even fit the Mr.’s Blackberry on it. Plus, it’s added incentive not to leave it in the crack of the couch, a frequent inconvenience for those mad dashes out the door. The Powermat website and demo are pretty cool too, with all that whirring and whizzing =P And for those that live out of a suitcase, they have the portable versions as well.

3. Paris Hilton “Siren”

My fragrance timeline goes like this: cK One in the 6th grade, Tommy Girl in the 8th, Polo Sport in the 9th, Arabian Sandalwood & Coconut roll-on perfume oils in college (lol) and now this: a powdery blend of tropical and musk that transitions easily between seasons. Never in my life did I think I’d covet any product of Ms. Hilton, but she hit the olfactory nail on the head with this perfume (Just try to ignore her dumbass mermaid ad). I’d also hate to put more money in pocket of the Hiltons, so unless there’s a blowout sale at the local Perfumania, you won’t catch me buying anything of hers in full price. I did some research on the fragrance itself and thought I’d be able to find a similar, cheaper concotion: frangipani, Florals, creamy musk, mandarin, water lily, sandalwood, coconut orchid, apricot nectar, vanilla, honeysuckle, just in case the fragrance becomes a runaway hit, but chances are, I’ll be seeing it real soon in the bargain bin.

4. Grey Hoodie

Even though I’ve moved to Sunny Southern California, I’ll always be a hoodie girl at heart! So when I saw this marvelous creation on a model on the Jak & Jil blog, I almost died. What seems common in the front view is devastatingly innovative in the back and I’m dying to know a.) who made it and b.) which store is gonna mass-produce its knockoff at a reasonable price. I’m such a fan of reworked and deconstructed classics.

5. Flat Screen TV

Everytime I go to my Uncle’s house, I marvel at his flatscreen television thinking, “So THIS is what it’s supposed to look like”. I’ve gone digital on every portable device, might as well splurge on the big guy to truly enjoy the wonder that is HD. And with my TV at home slowly fading in and out, the inevitability of this switch looms closer and closer, while I wait for the prices to drop. Let’s just hope I don’t have to clothesline a soccer mom the day after Xmas to get this bad boy at a good price.

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One Response to “What I Want for the Holidays #4”

  1. Valerie Valerie says:

    I absolutely LOVE that hoodie! I hope you don’t have to closeline a soccer mom either! LOL! People get kind of crazy over those flat screens!


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