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What I Want For the Holidays #2

Holiday Wants Leilanie
Call me M.I.S.S. Scrooge but as much as I love the act of gift giving, I hate the thought of falling trap to consumerism which tends to become the trending topic of the holidays. I always loved the thought of crafting, or supporting local talents when purchasing gifts for myself or others. Keeping that in mind, my list (although I highly doubt I’ll receive any of these unless I buy them for myself) consists mainly of etsy stars and indie films.

1. Train Hoops by DMDMetals

Growing up in a town where the Asian population counts for less than 1%, I have gained an undying fondness for hoop earrings. Erase that, I have gained fondness for any affordable version of any jewelry you can most likely cop at your local indoor swapmeet. Nameplates, doorknockers, nameplates on my doorknockers… ya, I got ’em. So when my chinita eyes first saw these on a random etsy browse, the chola in me went gaga! I mean hoops (which I automatically love)  attached to a train being tagged on, oh man! Get me a can and let’s paint the town in style!

2. Sade’s Soldier of Love Album accompanied by future concert tickets (if and when possible)

So, it’s not out, but that’s good! I take rainchecks to be collected in February, so go ahead and splurge on others,  just get back to me when this baby comes out. I don’t think I really need to explain this. I mean, M.I.S.S. has reminisced on Sade and can’t hardly grasp at how many children were possibly conceived during the wee hours with her songs on blast, what more this upcoming February. We can’t even deny the strategy they put behind the release of this new album a week before Valentines Day. Are you kidding?! Can they please hand out complimentary condoms with this bad boy (I mean, girl), because you know there’s going to be serious damage being made.

3. Medicine for Melancholy DVD/Soundtrack

This underrated film hands down has become a favorite of mine this year. As everyone raved over 500 Days of Summer, I secretly waited for the release of this on DVD. Don’t get me wrong, 500 Days definitely hit a soft spot but Medicine for Melancholy got me all giddy over the bay and the romanticized possibility of a one night stand. Luckily, it’s been out since October so let’s go out on a limb here and wish for it now. I promise to host a movie night with popcorn and Mexican hot cocoa (with marshmallows), my treat. Be nice and I’ll share my snuggie.

4. Little Black Flats

I believe every woman needs a comfortable pair of little black flats to go in the closet along with that infamous black dress. Sounds like an easy find, but it’s not (for me at least).  For the past year, I’ve been on this wild hunt for the most basic (p)leather flat with nice cushioning so my feet won’t feel like it’s been on a Jesus walk during that 8-hour shift in retail. You’d think it would be a no brainer, but nope. Most pocket friendly places have flats alright, but with bows, and tassels, and glitter puked all over them. Are they cute? Sure they are. But can you shoe makers be a little lazy every now and then and just leave the poor flat alone? Take Vera Wang for example, the pictured ‘Lillian’ flat is PERFECT! But I’m a struggling recent college graduate and at $200, I think I’m better off barefoot.

5. World Peace

OK, I know this isn’t a beauty pageant. But the recession has made the prettiest people some of the shadiest and the nicest, the butt of all things evil. I honestly don’t mind NOT having any gifts this year as long as I can be rest assured none of my loved ones or anyone at that will be found with a foreclosed home or a pink slip. I mean, I won’t die without these hoops, movies, and cds, but let’s face it, people could actually die without a home, a job, or healthcare. So Santa, I mean, Obama and the remnants of G.W. Bush hovering over this damned homeland, I think it’s time to quit viewing people as business opportunitie(*ahem*Afghanis, Iranis, Americans *ahem*)  and more as humans with basic necessities and rights which none of us really have the right of taking. With that said, Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, random enemy of the state border hopper or not, can we please focus on OUR country, drop those war pennies in OUR education piggy bank? Thanks.

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4 Responses to “What I Want For the Holidays #2”

  1. Dee Dee says:

    Those hoops are killerrr

  2. Gee Gee says:

    BEST LIST EVER!! Those hoops are fire, Sade is my BOO, and i love love love Medicine for Melancholy (neck and neck with 500 Days of Summer). Plus, I need flats AND world peace like, asap. love it!

  3. Valerie Valerie says:

    Medicine for Melancholy is on my wishlist too! Great picks! I hope you get everything you want :)

  4. margaret says:

    aahahhaaaa *goes and re-thinks xmas wishlist* girl we are on the same page this year!


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