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What I Want For The Holidays #20

What I Want For the Holidays #20

What I Want For the Holidays #20

As I get older, the more practical (or sometimes completely impractical) I’ve become. So here’s a list of my wants for this year’s holiday. Ideally I’ll be acquiring ALL through gifts given by others or by my own eventual self-gifting. :)

1. Republic Singlespeed Bike – As much as I love my red 1980’s 10 speed Schwinn, I’m ready to lose most of the gears and go single speed. Republic makes this a smooth transition for a newbie like me, with customization and a flip-flop hub if I ever choose to ride fixed gear. And the price is so right at a reasonable $399. Sexy.

2. PGM Size 8 Fullbody Form – For me to get my design on using an industry standard full body form, with a little more shape for the rest of the ladies on this planet.

3. Wacom Bamboo Fun – This is necessito right now. Fun? Yes!

4. Paige Premium Denim Blue Heights 12″ Skinny Jean – A well-fitting pair of denim can be difficult to find, but Paige always fit me just right. It would be a gift to Santa and everyone else if they could see how fly my bum looks in these jeans. Yum.
and finally

5. A Singer Commercial Grade Sewing Machine – I love my little Singer at home, and don’t quite have the space for an industrial sewing machine, yet. So this Singer has all the features of a standard home sewing machine but with a motor 60% stronger, which would make me all-the-more merrier…Ho Ho Ho ladies & gents!

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