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What I Want For The Holidays #17


What I Want For The Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so says every commercial I see on television. My motto is and has always been, “Christmas is for the kids!” I firmly believe this, but it certainly doesn’t stop me from wanting things for Christmas. However, as an adult I don’t think I’m allowed to pout if I don’t get exactly what I ask for. I really don’t need anything, but if one of these five things were to show up underneath my 4-foot tall Christmas tree I certainly wouldn’t turn them down!

1. Cover Story: Album Cover Art: Wax Poetics Magazine is my BFF (Best Friend Forever)! I’m always flipping through its pages to get an idea of what rare soul, funk, and hip-hop records I should search the crates for. As a self described vinyl record junkie, I’ve been known to buy some records based on the cover art alone. This book published by Wax Poetics is a combination of rare record art picked out by the magazine’s most esteemed contributors. I’d take this book with me everywhere.  I don’t know why I don’t have it yet, but I should! I want it as bad as Michael Jackson on the cover of his 1987 album in all black leather!

2.  Keith Haring Scented Candle: I’ve always been a fan of Keith Haring’s artwork. Before Whitney Houston made the whole “Crack is wack” slogan famous, Keith Haring painted a mural on East 128th Street and the Harlem River Drive, in 1986 saying that exact same thing! After watching a documentary on him entitled, The Universe of Keith Haring recently, I’ve become even more intrigued by him and want more of this guy in my life. I would NEVER pay $42.00 for ONE candle. I’m just not balling like that. However, I would gladly accept this gift from someone else. It’s pretty and it smells like citrus too!

3. Dam-Funk’s Toeachizown (5LP) & Bonus 45: Dam-Funk has been nicknamed Los Angeles’ “Ambassador of Boogie Funk” for a good reason! His music is funk-tastic and spectacular! He recently released his debut album entitled, Toeachizown and a video to his single “Mirrors”. The album is currently available on a double-disc CD, but the 5LP box vinyl is what will make my heart sing! The set comes with five songs which are not on the CD version. You can pre-order the vinyl box set at Stones Throw Records, but it won’t ship out until early January. That’s perfectly fine by me. I’ll accept tracking numbers. Dam-Funk is so cool. He also has some of the best hair that I’ve ever seen on a guy before! :)

4. Boxing Kitten “Tina” Skirt in Orange: Boxing Kitten designer Maya Lake uses a combination of bold prints and flawless patterns to create one of a kind pieces. Her line is full of ethnic and elegant clothing that speak to my soul and fit my style perfectly. When I first gazed at the “Tina” skirt in orange for $69.00, I was tempted to hit the “add to cart” button immediately. However, a little bird appeared and told me to hold off because I just might get this awesome little skirt for Christmas. Okay, maybe I made the “little bird” part of the story up, but I’m hoping the rest of the story will be true! I’d love this Christmas.

5. Give Love on Christmas Day: The thing that I’d like the most for Christmas is for everyone to stop rushing, stressing, and freighting over material things and count their blessings. Christmas to me has always been about love and family. I lost my father to cancer just two months ago and the holidays are proving to be especially tough. I’d give up every single possession that I own if it meant that I could just see him just one more day, but I know that’s not possible. Christmas is joyous for so many different reasons, but many people get sad and depressed at this time also. Giving the gift of your time, warm thoughts, and love during this season might just be all that someone needs. The Jackson 5 was right. There really is no greater gift than love.

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  1. Mreeuh says:

    Love me some Boxing Kitten. Valerie, you’re a woman of quality.


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