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What I Want for the Holidays #13

What I Want for the Holidays #14

What I Want for the Holidays #14

I’ve heard that tis’ the season for decking the halls, candy canes, and Christmas cheer, but for me the holiday season is about one very important thing: asking for and then hopefully receiving all the things I cannot afford on my own. It’s seriously THAT simple. This is about the only time of year, besides my birthday, that I can get away with asking for the ridiculously overpriced items that I absolutely NEED, and the ones I just don’t need at all. Since I’m older than 10, the illusion of Santa Claus has been shattered by the reality that my parents, siblings, and friends with REAL jobs have the ability to make my Christmas magical, and that my broke college student/pseudo freelancer salary can only go so far. So with that I present you the ridiculous items I asked for this Christmas. Let’s guess which one’s I actually get!

1) Apple 17-inch MacBook Pro: A couple months ago my computer crashed. And it took 3 years worth of pictures, music, term papers, and inspiration right along with it. When my computer crashed, my world went with it, so for the last 3 months I’ve been lobbying my parents, siblings, friends, companions, and even strangers for pesos towards a new laptop. Yea I could go out today and buy a PC right now if I really wanted to, but I’m don’t. Why? Because as anyone whose ever owned a Apple computer knows: Once you go Mac, you don’t go back. Too bad I don’t have $2,499 t0 shell out at my slightest whim. Damn you Steve Jobs!

2) MadeMe Leather Motorcycle Jacket: My list of lusts and obsessions expand and decrease on a daily basis, but of the few key items that have withstood the test of time, and my ADD, this MadeMe jacket has been numero uno on my list for a REALLY long time. Erin Magee subconsciously knows how to push my buttons, this jacket haunts my dreams and would look so perfect in my overflowing closet. Forget the fact that I probably wouldn’t be able to wear it until Mother Earth decides to stop kicking my ass with this 2o degree weather, I’d still probably find ways to wear it under my North Face with every outfit my imagination could conceive. Including the sweat pant get ups I rock when I’m feeling lazy. Yes. It’s that serious…

3) AlectoNyx Skull Cutout Tee: My good blogging buddy Cee makes these shredded tees by hand, and their beautiful! I’ve always been a fan, but since I’m cheap, I’ve never had the chance to be a customer. Her Etsy store is filled to the brim with her wonderfully manipulated garments, and this holiday season I’m itching to get my hands on this cutout skull tee.

4) George Esquivel Oxfords: I’m inspired mostly by menswear. Nothing gets my gears in motion like a nicely tailored look or smart shoes. This request is purely a label obsession. I’m sure I could get a great pair of oxfords somewhere for a reasonable price, but since my parental units, aunts, uncles, and grandparents encourage me to ask for what I want, I’m going for top of the line. George Esquivel please…

5) Silence and Noise Wool Band Jacket: I try to stay away from Urban Outfitters as much as humanly possible. There is WAY too many tempting items to spend my cash on, this wool band jacket being one of them. As soon as I saw it, I HAD TO HAVE IT. This is another one of those items I won’t be able to wear until Lord knows when, but like the MadeMe jacket, I’ll find a way.

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  1. i really like those tees!


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