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What I Want for the Holidays #15

What I Want for the Holidays

What I Want for the Holidays

I’ll just come out and say it, I don’t need anything. But I will take an Eggnog and Rum.  There is a ton of crap I think I need, but in my 20something years you would think that I would know the difference between needs and wants.  This is my holiday list of things that I want, but not sure if I will ever get. I’ve always been pretty lucky around the Holidays, being that my mum goes bananas this time of year and makes damn sure everyone gets what they want (: She’s so sweet! Hi Mum!! xo

1-I am so in love with this zipper clutch by Deadly Ponies. Purse and clutch? YES PLEASE! I’ve had my eye on this for quite sometime but I will continue to lust over it and just wait for it to go on sale. Call me cheap, call me whatever. I’m in school, I have bills,  I need to eat and really, I just cannot afford it right now. So I will keep my fingers crossed that it will be reduced to an affordable price that will put a smile on my heart pocket.

2-I don’t need to explain why this is so awesome. I’m a huge toy collector and this Tokidoki x Uncle Karl figure is mind blasting. However, I just can’t spend the $190 on a toy right now ):

3-Oh Tojo! I’ve been this this restaurant once as an appreciation dinner from my old bosses. I ordered the $110 omakase tasting menu and my life as never been the same. Actually, I wouldn’t need to do the 5 courses again. I just need that one smoked Sable Fish soup that I still dream about.  Wait, actually this soup is only available with the $110 omakase menu ): There are only a few places that I have left absolutely stunned by how amazing it was and Tojo’s did just that. I’m not going to say that I’m a foodie, because I hate that word, but I will say this: I live to eat. I love experience of fine dining or not fine dining, I just love food. And I especially love how Tojo’s special Sable fish soup makes me feel. My stomach just growled ): If you are ever in Vancouver British Columbia, go to Tojo’s!

4-I would love a print of Takashi Murakami. I have plushies, but no prints to hang up on the wall. One day I will be able to afford one for myself, but until then, Santa baby just slip a Murakami print under the tree for me!

5-I wasn’t feeling these then, (and I’m not really now either I don’t even rock Nikes anymore) but I need these in my life. I look everyday for a Men’s 6 or a Women’s 8. I cannot get over the fact that I can’t have these. Wow, that sounded bratty right?! But these Nike Terminator Supreme Hi’s must be mine.

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