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What I Want for the Holidays #14

What I Want For The Holidays Skimkim
I hate to say it but I do 99% of my shopping ANYTIME on The other 1% I do on eBay. Buuuuuuut, perhaps if I had any amazing ideas for gifts, I’d go straight to the damn link and buy it. Such is the case here. Here are some Skimkim Yummies that you can buy online to get in good with the folks/grandparents/boyfriend’s mother/receptionist at work/local bartender, etc. Get on this today, you don’t have long! (I can actually say this this year bc I finished my Xmas shopping already. The past few years, I’ve been a schmuck and not even done Amazon but have bought books at Barnes & Noble on Xmas Eve back down in VA. Schmuck.)

1. Skimkim Kimchee Butter

It’s sweeping the nation! It has all the intense flavors of kimchee but without the stink! Ginger, Garlic, Korean Red Pepper, & Chives. The most popular application seems to be for the morning egg regimen. Blam, good morning. Order at as we work on our webstore. Check out the blog, in the meantime.

2. Spoon Lemon Curd

I split my time between Skimkim and Spoon. Jeannie, the most talented pastry chef ever, has created sweet, tart, lemony goodness in a jar. I don’t think I’ve ever put this stuff on bread or a biscuit or anything. I just unscrew the lid…classy. I know. Enter Promo Code SKIMKIM1209 on the payment page and you get 10% off until 12/31. Am I good or what? When life gives you lemons, go to Spoon.

3. Bijules Tastemaker Chain

She may be my twin sissy but that’s not why I love this jewelry. It’s creative and pushes boundaries. Each piece has a story behind it and holds a special place in her heart. It’s been quite a ride watching her start this thing from nothing. Now people copy HER. This chain has a cute mini spoon, fork, and knife each with sparkling little jewels. The better to eat you with…Order directly on the Bijules website.

4. L’asso Red Sauce

This used to be my home away from home. I worked at a dive bar, Palais Royale (I’m sure most of you New Yorkers remember it), down the street and these guys over here at L’asso were family. The best slice in NYC, promise. They are jarring their addictive red sauce and it’s dreamy. Eat The Pizza here.

5. Katz’s Pastrami

For those of you have since moved from New York and long for a taste of what you’ve left behind, here’s a reminder. There really aren’t words for how good this hunk of meat is. Juicy, spicy, salty, life-altering. The corned beef is stupid, too. Either way, you win. Send a salami to your boy in the army.

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