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What I Want For the Holidays #12

What I Want For the Holidays #13

What I Want For the Holidays #13

The M.I.S.S. crew has a handful of Sagittariuses the roster, and I’m proud to say that I’m yet another one.  While it rocks to be born under this zodiac sign, the holiday season always outshines my birthday, especially since I’m born just a few days before the gift exchanges.  In the past, I’ve been quite bitter about it (horrid memories of a rainy 7th birthday party with only one guest!), but this year I think I’ll accept the busy schedules and 2-for-1’s and use it as an opportunity to ask for some extra special things that I would feel guilty asking for if I were born at any other time.  I’ve been good this year, and this miss could use something to show for it.

1) Herstyler Baby Curls Grande Clipless Curling Iron: No, this isn’t what it looks like, ok?!  I just got my hair cut, with hopes that a ponytail won’t be my go-to hair style for yet another phase of my life.  Working around food and kids has its upsides but there’s rarely any space for a good hair day.  Hopefully with thing, I’ll want to put on my glove (almost) every morning and blast some MJ as I give my hair some proper attention that will last from the kitchen to the class.  Any brand or style will do, although this three-in-one iron might be a good idea for my two-in-one gift!

2)  Casio Men’s Databank Digital Watch with Illuminator: This is definitely for the nerd in me.  I love this watch so much I need another one in my life again.  Before I lost this watch last spring, I wore it everywhere but the shower.  It accompanied every fit, and came in handy for those pre-iPhone times when I needed to know how much that purse costs after discount, or what time it was during a midnight hike.  The all-black watch will bring it back, but I wouldn’t be mad if a gold one appeared in my stocking.

3)  Tiffany & Co Tiffany Notes Bar Pendant: When I was 16, I thought it might be cool to buy my own domain name.  “” was available, but I was working at KFC (yikes!) and needed to support my Air Max addition, so I passed up the .com.  Now, I’m kicking myself in the ass with my ’95s, because instead of wishing for this necklace, I would have sold the domain for a lifetime supply of jewelry.  While I’d be happy with any piece of jewelry from the Co., especially one that bears my name, I’d be equally happy with just the box.

4)  Melody Ehsani’s custom nameplate: Don’t get me wrong, I would love to rock this 3 finger chain ring by Melody Ehsani, but what I’m really wanting is a custom nameplate for my neck.  You know, gotta have the classy and sassy.  After reading into this woman, I’ve decided that I need her positivity and strength to be summoned through a piece just for me!  I’d prefer my name, but if you already know what it is from my soon-to-be-mine Tiffany necklace, then surprise me with a nickname or adjective.

5)  O.N.E. Coconut Water subscription: I gotta practice what I preach ya’ll and ask Santa to give the way I live…or how I want to live.  Since I’m in the Bay instead of the tropics, I’m not blessed to have fresh coconut on the daily.  But I can be blessed with the next best thing: a subscription to O.N.E. Coconut Water!  I won’t have to fight mosquitoes or climb a tree, just wait for the delivery guy to bring my goodies straight to my doorstep.  A case will be just fine for me, but a subscription will be even better for my health.

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4 Responses to “What I Want For the Holidays #12”

  1. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    Fun choices! El-Oh-El at what I first thought that curling iron was!

    Coconut water subscription?! All kinds of AWESOME!

    Hope your come up good!

    PS. Got Sags! 😉

  2. Dayum, another Sag! this is crazy.
    I got you on the casio databank (wearing mine right now, and forever!) and the coconut water subscription. that stuff has saved me a couple of times since we learned about it fashion week.

  3. Gee Gee says:

    Coconut water… yummm

  4. Queen of Bows Stella says:

    Coconut water subscription! Genius. I hope someone gifts that to you.


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