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What I Want For The Holidays #11

What I Want For The Holidays #11

What I Want For The Holidays #11

What I want this year is all about those key things that get use out of over and over. I’m pretty happy on my picks as they 1) support independent designers, artists, and companies, and 2) they’re items that make statements again and again. So, Santa, you can feel good about giving any of these.

1)   Andrew Zuckerman’s book, Wisdom: I wrote about this book in a M.I.S.S. Muses post and I keep going back to the website for inspiration. It’s one of those books I would keep out and continually refer to, and let’s face it, get all teary-eyed while picking out quotes to tweet.  Also, a DVD with the interviews comes with it!

2)   hot hot pink pink by Edge of Urge Feather Minis: I’m fully aware I didn’t choose a color for these earrings, but it’s hard! I was obsessing over the pink + black polka dot ones at the BUST Craftacular last weekend, but another print or metallic could be in my future. At $14 a pair, gift givers can afford to buy me more than one! Plus, support independents!

3)   Iron Fist Black Diamond platform heels: I love sequins, sequins are hot right now, and what girl doesn’t need an awesome pair of black heels? They’re perfect for parties or glamming up jeans. I chose these over the other amazing styles since I’m partial to the bow.

4)   JUNKPRINTS Duffle bag: First, I love the Rainbow Pattern print pictured here as it has my fave images from the line. Second, there is a detachable red heart! I’m a sucker for inspiring, positive images and hearts. Oh, and it’s good for the environment when I carry home items in this, plus, JUNKPRINTS is known for taking discarded materials, old belts, forgotten toys, thrown away zippers, and the like to magically create awesome new accessiories.

5)   Zildjian crash cymbal: A used one in good condition is fine, I just need a crash cymbal for my drums! When I bought my Zildjian Constantinople ride cymbal I wanted to cuddle with it, it’s that amazing. Maybe my neighbors won’t get this for me, but everyone else, a girl’s gotta express herself musically! I request Santa to purchase this from Main Drag music to help out an awesome music shop.

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One Response to “What I Want For The Holidays #11”

  1. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    I SO want ALL those earrings on that little rack!
    Mini version of Fleathers!

    So awesome that you play the drums!

    Hope you get everything you want and then some! 😉


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