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The Link List: 12.4.09


♥♥ Jersey Shore last night was everything I wanted it to be and more. It is my ham and water. NY Magazine’s Vulture has a top 10 catchphrases already. I don’t know how they could possibly narrow it down to 10.

♥♥ And you have to check out Rich Four Four’s recap. He’s a native, and he’s got the gift of .gif!

♥♥ Also, Bad Girls Club premiered this week. RIDICULOUS. It has been unfortunately overshadowed by Jersey Shore, but did you hear this? Tanisha from season 2 got arrested for fist fighting Kevin Federline on Celebrity Fit Club!

♥♥ You have a Snuggie. You have sex. Introducing, the Snuggie Sutra.

♥♥ DOWNLOAD CENTRAL : Daytrotter. Live Daytrotter studio recordings of amazing artists like Bon Iver, The Ting Tings, Chairlift and more. All new, all original. Swoon.

♥♥ Additional download: Nina Simone – Feeling Good (Troublemaker remix) from Grand Panda.


♥♥ Sharks with people teeth are pretty hilarious.

♥♥ Artist Vicki Berndt makes amazing celebrity rosaries and devotional candles.

♥♥ Gawker compiled a bunch of videos of smart cats opening doors.

♥♥ Have you seen the new Married To The Mob X Lacoste sneakers yet? Hypebeast is on top of that.

♥♥ The Hundreds X Delorean Motor Company stuff I posted last week was a teaser. Here’s the collection.

♥♥ Spikes, chains, leather jacket…you gotta see this JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN x AMBUSH collabo on The Clones.

♥♥ The Urban Outfitters blog featured these ridiculous but genius see through pants.

♥♥ Style Hurricaine has the fresh feather studded shoulderpad DIY.

♥♥ and get to know DIY queen P.S. I Made This. You won’t be sorry.

♥♥ Designboom shows us a window display by japanese designer Tokujin Yoshiokahe at Maison Hermès.

♥♥ Alber Elbaz, of Lanvin has designed French postage stamps to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Lanvin. Check em out on Refinery 29.

♥♥ NY Magazine put us on to the Anthropologie Fragrance collection with ritzy Paris fragrance-maker Givaudan, and some heavyweights of the beauty world.

♥♥ LOVE these baubles by Mirit Weinstock made with shuttlecock feathers. Thanks Accessory Source!

♥♥ R. Kelly’s new record sales got totally owned by Susan Boyle and Idolator‘s got the drop on R-ah, lashing out at haters.

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