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The Glamorous Life: God Save Lady Gaga?


Lady Gaga and Queen ELizabeth II

Lady Gaga and Queen ELizabeth II

I know Gaga has had an awesome year, but who would have thought she would be shaking hands with Queen Elizabeth II?  The two met after Gaga performed at the Royal Variety Show. Gaga seems to be dressed as the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland, which is loads more appropriate for meeting royalty than her usual pantless get ups. I wonder if they talked about anything? Like did Gaga pass on some fashion advice to her majesty? Or  did the Queen complement Gaga on her red latex dress and sequined eye make-up? So many questions are raised and left unanswered.

Maybe she could persuade the Queen to knight her so she can officially be Lady Gaga…just a thought.

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