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The Conversation Piece, A New Blog And Online Shop

the conversation piece 3

Ladies and lovers of fashion, art and all things vintage, direct your attention towards a new online blog where you can view and shop vintage clothing and merchandise from independent designers. The site is called The Conversation Piece and it’s not your average fashion blog. Since the main objective of the blog is to showcase up-and-coming designers and artists, the goods are displayed with lovely styling and photography, which goes to show the folks behind TCP put a lot of love into the blog. Like most blogs, expect some dialogue on topics that stir the minds of today.

the conversation piece 2

Below is only a snippet of what’s to come from The Conversation Piece, and so far, so good!

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One Response to “The Conversation Piece, A New Blog And Online Shop”

  1. Gee Gee says:

    WOW! Love these looks… not your typical fashion blog stuff.


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