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Reading is Sexy: Fierce Style (How to be Your Most Fabulous Self)

Fierce Style (How to be Your Most Fabulous Self)

Fierce Style (How to be Your Most Fabulous Self)

Christian Siriano. He’s arguably the most recognizable contestant that Project Runway has ever produced, and “fierce” just might be the most quoted phrase of the show after Heidi Klum’s “auf weidershen” and Tim Gunn’s “make it work.” As if winning Season Four of Project Runway, launching his own line (Christian V. Siriano), designing for Puma, creating a line of shoes and bags for Payless and a makeup collection for Victoria’s Secret Beauty wasn’t enough, this fashion dynamo can now add author to his growing list of accomplishments.

Siriano teamed with People‘s Rennie Dyball to deliver a book that is part fashion advice, part aspirational how-to, part biography and part urban dictionary (just in case you don’t know what “tickity tack” and a host of others mean). At first glance, it would be easy to dismiss Fierce Style as just another venue for Siriano to get his name out there, after all, what could a 22-year old have to tell the world about how to be fabulous that we haven’t heard before? Readers will certainly find information that will  be familiar (like every woman should own a pair of Louboutins and a Chanel suit), but Siriano never takes himself too seriously and remains accessible and open throughout the book. You’ll discover that his first muse and continuing source of inspiration is his older sister, Shannon. That he, too, had to deal with difficult bosses. How he really feels about UGG boots. How he came up with his signature ‘do. That a gold lamé shirt isn’t a bad idea in the right context.

You’ll definitely hear his distinctive voice in your head as you read, so the book ends up feeling more like a conversation over coffee than a how-to you picked up at your local bookstore. There are plenty of original sketches and photos with starlets to remind you of his talent and notoriety, but the point of view always remains cheekily and firmly grounded in Siriano’s world. Sure, he’s friends with Heidi Klum and has designed for Victoria Beckham, Vanessa Williams and Anne Hathaway. So what? He used to work at Orange Julius.

Fierce Style (How to be Your Most Fabulous Self) will make a great gift for anyone who is still searching for themselves and their own sense of style, or any Project Runway fan who misses Siriano’s presence. Established fashionistas might not rush out to buy it, but will certainly appreciate the humor and advice that Siriano doles out to his impressionalble audience. At the end of the day,he encourages all of us to develop and own our personal style. What’s not to love about that? Truth!

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  1. Gee Gee says:

    Sounds cute, definitely on the library rent-a-book list! And can’t believe he’s only 22… sheesh!


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