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Photo Of The Week: Never A Dead Bird by Nina Parks

Never A Dead Bird by Nina Parks
Never A Dead Bird by Nina Parks

Where was this picture taken?

On Lily Alley and Gough St. SF

What were you thinking before you took the photo?

WTF!!!!! please don’t fly off before I snap a flick… is that hawk pecking that pigeon’s heart out?

What were you thinking after you took the photo

We have hawks downtown? And how foolish it was for me to put my camera down right before it picked up the pigeon in it’s talons and flew off down the alley and onto Franklin

Whats interesting to you about the photo

That, that’s life. But I never want to be that dead bird.

What camera did you use?

Nikon D80 (My Man)

Any current projects you’d like to share.

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2 Responses to “Photo Of The Week: Never A Dead Bird by Nina Parks”

  1. Krish Krish says:

    I was there! It was sooo intense! What Nina didn’t get to capture was the hawk hearing someone approach and taking off from that position, with the pigeon still in its claws. So beautifully morbid…

  2. Nina Parks says:

    Thank you sooooooooooo much Ladies! I really appreciate that you have provided a virtual space for me to be able to share. I look forward to sharing more 😉


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