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NY 12/10-11: Nancy Gonzalez Clutches & Assouline Book Launch At Bergdorf Goodman


Meet Nancy Gonzalez at Bergdorf Goodman Where she will be presenting her clutch collection featuring over 100 clutches in an array of limited edition hues and to celebrate the publication of her new book, Nancy Gonzalez

Exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman Thursday, December 10th and Friday, December 11th, from 2-5 PM

ASSOULINE Announces the Release of
Nancy Gonzalez
By Pamela Golbin

If these exquisitely crafted handbags and accessories in rare and richly textured precious skins seem to reflect something extraordinary and slightly unfamiliar—it may be the natural wonders and warm culture of Nancy Gonzalez’s native Colombia, from which she draws inspiration. In unconventional hues and shapes that riff on classical and organic forms, her collection effortlessly telegraphs the qualities of the woman herself: joy, elegance, and strength.

ASSOULINE’S newest tome is dedicated to the authentic, unique, and pure qualities that inspire the creation of Nancy Gonzalez’s luxurious handbags. “A handbag,” she says, “is a hint of who you are and what you value, a reflection of personal style.” Her creations present an ongoing, passionate dialogue with the world that surrounds her, taking cues from nature, specifically the exotic terrain of her homeland, Colombia, as well as the everyday world she inhabits. Her creations combine the beautiful and the utilitarian, uniting exotic colors and materials with the commonplace functions of everyday. Her inspired style, dedication to quality, and unique outlook is revealed on every page.

About the author:
Pamela Golbin is an internationally renowned figure in the fashion industry, with extensive historical knowledge of cultural and design issues. As chief curator for the Fashion and Textiles collections at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris, she is a leading expert in contemporary fashion and has organized landmark exhibitions worldwide. Ms. Golbin is also a successful published author and is invited to lecture on a regular basis all over the world.

Renowned for their highly original graphic concept, ASSOULINE books and luxury gift items are works of art that capture culture and bring it to life. The spirit and ‘savoir faire’ of the company have contributed to the creation of a unique and eclectic, chic and elegant brand that is immediately identifiable. ASSOULINE publications have been translated into more than ten languages and are available in the most exclusive retail destinations worldwide. ASSOULINE’s Paris boutique opened in 2005, ASSOULINE at The Plaza Hotel, in New York City opened its doors in 2008 and Los Angeles and Las Vegas both open in December 2009.

About Nancy Gonzalez:
Nancy Gonzalez designs and produces the collection in Colombia; and is available at luxury retailers including Harrod’s of London, Aizel of Moscow, Isetan of Japan, Joyce of Hong Kong and Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. Current distribution includes Russia, Indonesia, India, Australia, Canada, South America, the Middle East and throughout Europe; specifically France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Monaco, Spain and the U.K.

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