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Merci! Threadless, Nine West, and Rich & Skinny!

Outfit Courtesy of Threadless, Rich & Skinny , and New Balance For Nine West,

Outfit Courtesy of Threadless, Rich & Skinny, and New Balance For Nine West

As you probably know, us bloggers get stuff. Yeah, free stuff. Sometimes it comes in swag bags, or gift bags when you go to a press event, sometimes companies want to send you stuff to try out and review, and sometimes when companies find out you like something they thank you for the support; ya know, word of mouth is like, the best form of advertisement.  The FTC declared not too long ago that bloggers have to disclose any sponsorships they may receive from companies, or pay they receive in exchange for endorsements, and I’d like to clarify that we don’t do that here at M.I.S.S. But we do get some swag from time to time. A majority of the stuff M.I.S.S. receives goes out periodically to our team of writing, graphics and marketing contributors to thank them for the work that they do. Aaaand some things, well, they just come straight to me (or other writers).

So, people tell me I wear some interesting things. I’ve been flirting with the idea of cataloging my outfits à la Mirror Mirror (on the days I don’t work in my pajamas) to motivate myself to spend less time in those aformentioned pajamas. But in order to really do that I need to get my wardrobe back, and the where and why I’m not in the possession of my clothes and shoes is a long boring story involving an apartment renovation that has taken waaaay longer than expected to complete.  In the meantime I’ve had to make due with a small number of items I initially put in a mini duffel bag, and a few supplementals purchased since.

And then…
Along came Rich & Skinny. They hooked me up with a fresh pair of  jeans. I often have trouble finding jeans that fit, but surprise, these were kind of like a dream. They look a little tough- almost work, or carpenter style, which is totally chicken soup for my tomboy soul. But they’re also low rise (great, cuz I am scant in the hips, short in the crotch) and skinny legged (perfect, cuz I’m built like a chicken).  Also, the inner waistline is lined with satin, and every time I button or unbutton them and my thumb swipes it all silky, and it makes me feel all rich, biaatch!

And then…
Along came New Balance For Nine West. They asked me for my shoe size. I didn’t know what to expect – we’ve covered quite a few styles from their collabos. About a week later, a pair of Corbitt’s, the style I liked best showed up. Are they mind readers? Studded high tops, mad comfy? Win!

And finally…
Threadless is all, get some shirts. You see, Randi and I went to this Threadless event a couple of months ago, and the first 100 people there got gift bags. They had tees in em. I liked mine. But I loved Randi’s. It had a cat shooting lasers out of it’s eyes. Jeal-ous-y. Down the line, I met a gal who did PR for Threadless, and we had a long talk about the whole graphic tee scene, (remember, I used to work @DG) me having a bunch of classic Threadless tees, and the story of me, Randi and the laser cat jealousy. Ole laser cat is out of print, but some Zombie Heads and Seal Thumbness, well, they’ll hold me over until the next reprint.

And all that gave me an outfit, which gives me one more much needed day of looking type aiight before I have to do the laundry. It really makes a difference for me.  This has been a really long way of saying “thank you” aka MERCI en Français to Rich & Skinny, New Balance for Nine West, and Threadless for coming together like Voltron and giving me another day on the go. I will do my best to keep the galaxy safe.

And when I get my clothes back, should I catalog them? Do you care what I wear?

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2 Responses to “Merci! Threadless, Nine West, and Rich & Skinny!”

  1. Sarah says:

    You know I wanna see your outfits!!!

  2. aww dayum…I feel mad guilty now for not offering laser cat to you! But alas, I too love laser cat :)


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