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M.I.S.S. TV: Top 5 with Diplo

Diplo gets down to business and gives us his Top 5.

Diplo gets down to business and gives us his Top 5.

This is Diplo. He makes beats, mixtapes, and pretty dope party anthems. He also loves turtles, probably as much as this kid.

M.I.S.S. TV caught up with the celeb DJ at the Pepsi DJ Collective in Williamsburg earlier this year to find out the nitty gritty. Yes, Major Lazer (his collaboration project with Switch) produced one of the best albums of the year. Yes, he has an upcoming set of remixes with Gucci Mane that includes this Mariah Carey “Can’t Let Go” sampled ditty. Yes, his Mad Decent co-sign (and former lady love) Maluca is blowing up on the internet, on stage, and on M.I.S.S. Those were all relevant topics we could have investigated. But no, dear viewers, we here at M.I.S.S TV decided to flex our journalistic muscles to find out what really makes the man tick–animals. Peep Diplo’s Top 5 Animals below, and when you’re done watching, hit Google! You know you want a better look at those Pink Amazonian Dolphins.

Diplo’s Top 5 from Gabriella Davi Khorasanee on Vimeo.

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  1. ladylexx Lexx says:

    I wanna Hollertronix all over those DIMPLES!


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