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M.I.S.S. TV: Skotch Davis Live at CMJ 2009

Rapper Skotch Davis performs at CMJ 2009 in New York.

Rapper Skotch Davis performs at CMJ 2009 in New York.

Harlem was in the building at the CMJ Music Fest 2009 this year, and we can thank Uptown native Skotch Davis for that! The rapper, who is on the come-up with his latest single (with a video presented by LRG) “Paradin”, has been surrounded by the music business for years now– his father is a well-known jazz musician Vincent C. Henry (who’s played with the likes of Nas), while his mother is a rap industry club promoter who made a special guest appearance on Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt (that’s her in the beginning of the cut on “22 Two’s”!). With a hip-hop lineage as well-rooted as that, Skotch was obviously bred to be a part of beat making and rhyme saying. However, the rapper has been carving out his own way in the industry, combining his jazz roots with psychadellic rock influences, producing lyrics that are socially conscious and entertaining at the same time. And even though he’s one of Harlem’s finest, he’s aligned himself with notable LA based collective Be Cool Music Group, a group of artists devoted to “keeping a positive attitude about life and a world of peace, unity and progress”. We couldn’t put it better ourselves…

Besides his history and positivity, the dude is one hell of a performer, and definitely not one of those “entourage only” rappers (i.e. he can hold his own–literally– on a stage).  M.I.S.S. TV caught Skotch Davis on camera performing his original “In the Clear” at the Shameless Management showcase at CMJ Musical Festival week 2009 in NYC– check it out below and visit his site to download his EP What Took So Long!

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