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M.I.S.S. TV: Anita Herrera’s Top 5 Tradeshow Survival Tips

Anita Herrera T

Anita Herrera, head of PR for the Pool Tradeshow, gives us her Top 5 survival pointers after a long day at the Pool tradeshow.

Sure, sure, attending fashion weeks and tradeshows is glamorous and amazing. A real dream come true! But if anyone (especially the ladies of M.I.S.S.) knows anything, for every moment of fashion glamor an attendee experiences, there are countless moments of aching feet, blisters and chapped lips that go right along with the experience. A girl’s got to have a survival kit in place when she heads out for the sake of fashion, and thank goodness we caught up with Anita Herrera, head of PR for the Pool Tradeshow in Las Vegas, because she broke it down for M.I.S.S. TV! Get real familiar with Anita’s list of must-have items for a long day of checking out the latest fashions at a Tradeshow, because I have a sneaky suspicion that these items will help you survive even long after the Tradeshow’s over…

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